Change, Adapt and Repeat

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For all the complicated theories you’ll hear about periodization and how you should vary your training for performance it’s really simple when you break it down: change, adapt and repeat. …

Snake Oil Stretching

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What’s the most limiting factor to your performance or training?  Chances are it’s probably a chronic injury that’s holding you back.  So why not just stretch it out and get …

Win the hard ones

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Everything is easy right now. You’re motivated. You’ve just started training. But know that the hard days will come. That’s when you need to remember the process. Remember your goals. …

It’s hard and it’s your choice

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Being disciplined is hard. Training well is hard. Reaching your goals is hard. Not attaining your goals at the end of the season is harder than all those combined.

Take Advantage of Your Strength

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You often hear of that mythical well-rounded flawless athlete.  I think many trainers or coaches would picture that “perfect” athlete having stats along these lines: –       36” vertical jump –       …

Mt Everest is getting higher

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There are many accounts that the tallest mountain on earth, Mt Everest, is growing at a small but steady rate…….. What’s that got to do with your performance?!? Let’s stop …

Olympics every year!

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It’d be great if the Olympics could occur more often. To not have to wait 4 years to see performances that you can only marvel at. Why not switch it? At …