Speed Coaching Calls

By far being coached by other successful business people has been the most helpful thing that has helped me grow RITTER Sports Performance from an idea to a full-time business, with 90% of our revenue being generated online (~$15,000/month).

I was also curious, asking questions and sometimes even challenging long held norms. This wasn’t always beneficial when I was in school.

But it’s ESSENTIAL to ask questions and challenge the standards when you want to grow your own business.

I’m here for you. To be your coach, to help guide you in your business and to finally get to the point where you can actually work on your business and not be consumed by it.

Looking back I can see multiple times where I could have saved myself a lot of work and money if I had someone to ask questions and seek advice from. Don’t waste any more time or money by not getting coached on your business!

Running RITTER is my “full-time” gig so I have limited time availability but I am able to take on a few calls each month.

Speed Coaching with Chris ($99) includes:

  • One (1) 20-minute video coaching call: During this call we hyper focus on the #1 area or pain-point that you have in your business. You’ll have actionable steps after the call to start working on immediately.