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I know that title sounds gimmicky but hear me out!

Last week, we heard from some of the best at swim sports performance training and picked up some impactful tips to better our own performance!

However, one slide really hit home! Kendal Jacobson gave a talk on the data of injuries and mobilizing the swimmer. She hit us with this major take home message, “Athletes who completed more than 80% of their planned training were 7 TIMES MORE LIKELY to achieve their season goal.”

Re-read that a few times.

We always look for what will make us successful. Well how about implementing a 7x multiplier for success.

Do you want to know what the lowest hanging fruit for 80% training achievement? Proper range of motion and bracing.

It’s not flashy. It is simple and effective.

The question you need to ask yourself is also simple. Is your body ready to move properly for swim training? If you even hesitate, it means you are probably not ready.

What should you do if you don’t know or don’t think you’re working through proper ranges of motion and core bracing for the sport?

Establish a Baseline:

A baseline can be a set of tests, movements, etc. Simply, this is something you will use for comparison. You’ll be able to see if your training strategies are helping or hindering and how you are responding to training volumes.

Target Your Weaknesses. Maintain Your Strengths.

After establishing a baseline, it is time to build your mobility and bracing program. Focus on areas that you struggle with. For swimmers, this is often the shoulders. Swimmers also struggle with maintaining proper pelvic alignment during bracing. Target your weaknesses first. Then add in enough maintenance work for other areas of the body.

Do It Daily:

One thing we often miss is the power of 10 focused minutes.

We use time as the biggest excuse out there. Maybe we will only dedicate an hour on the weekend to working on our range of motion and bracing because it is all we have time for. I would rather you take that hour and do 10 focused minutes of work six days a week. Doing a little daily has potential to be much more potent compared to an hour once a week.

Don’t know where to start? Check out this video tutorial on a swim warm up we use here at RITTER Sports Performance. Simply submit your email and you’ll get access right away!

Swim Warm Up

Swimming is a very high repetition sport that requires a proper warm up. Want access to a swim warm up you can do on deck? Sign up for the Swim Warm Up tutorial!

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Takeaway: Do the little things and unlock a 7x multiplier for success!

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