Stop the back pain!

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The dreaded words… Back Pain!

Many of us have experienced back pain at some point. Many of us think that we can’t experience life without it.

What are some causes of back pain?

  1. Sitting often
  2. Poor movement
  3. Inflexibility

What can we do to fix it?

Sit Less/Move More:

I often hear from clients that they are strapped to a desk for most of the day and are unable to move. Is this really the case?

Even making simple adjustments can pay dividends in the long run! For example, try kneeling at your desk or on your chair. Focus on sitting up tall and maintaining an active core. A good rule of thumb is to try and change your position every 20 minutes.

You may even notice an increase in productivity from changing positions often.

Move Well: 

Next to sitting, poor movement causes its fair share of back pain.

Lift a heavy box off the floor by rounding your back? Over rotate on a swimming stroke too many times? Improper alignment on your bike?

All can cause back pain!

One of the greatest safeguards is conscious and focused movement. This is especially true in training!

Being able to perform a squat, hinge, pull, push, brace, and rotational movement properly is the greatest injury preventer the human body has ever had access to.

A simple fix is to take more time focusing on movement. Some of the worlds best weightlifters still warm up for a heavy squat with 10 perfectly performed bodyweight squats. Why?

Quality movement is king! 

Apply this to your training by gaining mastery of the basics. Whether it is a swim stroke, running stride, bike positioning, or any other endeavor, be savage about the basics (I stole that line from Chris Ritter).

Don’t settle for sloppy movement. You’ll pay for it later on.

Increase Mobility:

The last focus should be to increase mobility. Why?

If you focus on the first two tips, increased mobility will happen as a byproduct. However, if you want some tips and tricks to expedite the process. Check out the menu of exercises below.

Perform these exercises often even if you are just looking to maintain your current capabilities. The exercises can be completed for a time or repetitions.

Back Pain Exercises:

Extra Resources:

Back Pain Tutorial

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