Across the Spectrum

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“Think outside the box.”
“Don’t box yourself in.”
“Don’t paint yourself into a corner.”

You hear these phrases all the time. But yet athletes and coaches still operate their training programs based on being in one “type” of box or system at a time.

Energy systems are often viewed as separate systems and people unfortunately train that way. The same goes with strength training. You’re either training max strength or maybe it’s an “aerobic” day for you. Why do so many people only think in these limited terms?

The truth is energy system training and strength training is done on spectrums, not boxes isolated from each other.

Your body doesn’t have switches that it just turns on and off for certain systems. It’s a blend and flow from one system of energy or strength to another. The moment you start running on your morning jog ALL of your energy systems are actually starting to work. Not just an isolated energy system.

The differentiation comes in how MUCH each system is contributing to your movement. All of the systems are firing and as the demands of your running change so will where the majority of your energy comes from.

The next time you train think outside the box with your training. Try working across your spectrum in both energy and strength training. Do this and you’ll be well rounded and won’t get boxed in.