Olympics every year!

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It’d be great if the Olympics could occur more often. To not have to wait 4 years to see performances that you can only marvel at. Why not switch it? At least maybe to every 2 years?  I’m sure the executives at NBC would love it and Phelps could have over 50 medals before he retires.

Here’s the problem with having less time between Olympiads: The greater the importance of performance the greater the length of preparation. If athletes are to be at their peak of peaks athletically they need years of preparation for that to be accomplished, not a matter of months. They have to be preparing physically, mentally and emotionally. And that takes time, lots of time in purposeful training to accomplish.

What does this have to do with you and your training? The same concept is true for you:The greater the importance of performance the greater the length of preparation.

You need to prioritize and evaluate your events in a given season or year or even years. Prioritize what is the most important and when you want to be at your best. Then start moving backwards in time from there. You can’t possibly be at your best every time, and that’s ok but planning that out beforehand is much better than a rollercoaster of emotions throughout a season.

Sometimes you have to “train through” and sacrifice to a certain degree performances at events that are not as important in order to be at your best for what really matters, the most important event for you. The hard part about this is patience.  Have a plan and follow it through. If you want to peak a bunch of times in a given season you’ll likely burn out and not have enough in your tank for the finale, emotionally or physically.

Purposeful preparation and planned patience will ultimately combine to your greatest performance. And it may take some delayed gratification to get there but it’ll be worth the wait….even if it’s 4 years or longer.