It almost gets rid of the need for test sets because it’s collecting data all the time – Tristan Lehari

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Tristan Lehari is a former engineering student that co-founded TritonWear with classmate Darius Gai. Tristan was a competitive swimmer for the varsity team of the University of Waterloo for the five years that he was in working on his Mechatronics Engineering degree. The final two years he was the Team Capitan. Tristan and Darius began developing gear that would involve using a GoPro to put sensors into a GoPro case in order to strap it to the back of the swimmers heads while they were in training. After development of the sensors they designed the new sleek case for them that straps to the back of the head on the goggles. The device they created is called ‘Triton’. The Triton has potential for coaches to gather a variety of raw data and information about their swimmers in a very unique way, because they can now focus on the Triton’s output data which means spending less time standing at the end of the lane with a stop watch.

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