Don’t Check the Box

In Psychology by Chris Ritter0 Comments

In your training there are days that seem long and daunting.

“Can’t I just flip on the auto-pilot?” rings through your mind as you begin your training session.

Everyone has days that they’d rather just be able to go through the motions, get it over with and try it again tomorrow.

The difference is not everyone mails it in on the days they feel like it. The most successful athletes decide to engage themselves on days they don’t necessarily “feel it.”

You might try and argue that you’re doing pretty well because you still did the workout. At least that’s better than going home, right?

Whether or not you technically completed the workout isn’t the most important factor in accessing your training improvement. If you just show up and check the box, get it done and go home day after day you’re missing out on a lot more improvement.

Training is more than physiological “X’s & O’s.” It’s about building a mindset. Ingraining patterns. These patterns will either ultimately lead to success, failure or worse…..mediocrity.

Train yourself to engage even on the days you’re not fired up. Build a successful pattern, day-in and day-out. Train so that if you perform, either successfully or unsuccessfully, you can look to your training and know why. The worst position to be in is wondering, “what if?” You determine the outcome on whether or not you just check the box each day.