Only Your Mind Knows Failure

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You’re setting high goals for yourself. You’re challenging yourself in training. And unfortunately sometimes you’re failing in your training. That’s ok and it’s actually a required ingredient if you ultimately want to be successful.

You have to realize that your body physiologically doesn’t understand if you don’t succeed in a training session. If you miss your interval or don’t get that final rep in a set, your body doesn’t know. Your mind is the only part that knows that you didn’t “succeed.”

When you push yourself to failure it enhances your training because you’re pushing your body to its physical limits. And that’s a good thing! Find your limits and keep maxing your body out in training.

Your best training adaptations are going to come from maximal effort. And if it’s true maximal effort you will fail! It wouldn’t be maximal effort if you didn’t fail physically.

The worst thing to counteract these great physiological changes is to beat yourself up mentally by focusing on what you didn’t achieve. In the heat of a training session you’re not always thinking straight to begin with. If you’re pushing yourself on any level the majority of your blood is not in your brain to help out with your cognitive thought but rather in your muscles that are contracting.

Your impaired state is not the best time to analyze if you’re really doing a good job in training. It’ll just lead to frustration. Instead focus on pushing your body to the point of failing and it’ll ensure that you’re giving your best effort.

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