You’re not deadweight if you lift

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Labels are everywhere in the sports and fitness world.

Are you a runner?
A triathlete?
A cyclist?
A golfer?
A swimmer?
A sprinter?
A marathoner?
A weekend warrior?

For the most part these all have favorable connotations.  They quickly identify what you do.  But does that really encompass everything you should do for that sport?  If you’re a runner – absolutely you need to be running and putting in the miles, but is that it?  Is that the best way to be successful?

What if I asked if you’re a weightlifter?……….

For some the immediate image that would come to mind is a short, stocky man with bulging biceps and thighs as thick as a tree.  Hardly what most would consider an athlete, much less how you would want to be labeled.

That’s where the disconnect is for many athletes.  They see themselves as a runner for example and so they believe they shouldn’t lift weights…..that’s for weightlifters.  But in fact if you want to be a better runner/cyclist/athlete/whatever……..……you should be lifting weights.

There are many benefits of having a resistance-training program and having it well planned out.  You’ll have greater sport performances because of your increased power, strength, coordination, flexibility, and stamina.  With a proper plan you can even reduce the potential of injury.

I’m a coach and I coach athletes.  I’m not a weightlifting coach.  I’m an athletic developer and lifting weights is part of the development that every athlete, no matter what sport, needs to go through in order to realize their full potential.

The difference comes in how, when and in what manner you lift weights – in correspondence to what sport you’re actively training for.  That’s when you need an expert to help guide you through all the iron and barbell questions.  How many sets?  Reps?  Which exercises?  How much rest?  What days of the week?

Most importantly our RITTER-programs are more than just weightlifting, they’re the total athletic performance enhancement program that you need to get to the next level.  If you realize you need something to improve your sports performance then you’re at the right place.

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