Get Expert Nutrition Coaching with Steph Saullo

Individual nutrition coaching will provide you with an analysis of your current nutrition status. Are you feeling sluggish, not achieving performance goals, or have you unsuccessfully tried to change your weight? We will assess your goals, the nutrition adequacy of your current diet for your goals, your lifestyle and activity habits, as well as your weight and body composition, as needed. We will determine adequate calorie and macronutrient needs and you will receive coaching on how to optimize your diet to achieve performance goals, improve, and adapt healthy habits to maintain health. You may also receive coaching on topics such as: fueling strategies and nutrient timing; food selection; adjustments to diet and hydration for training or competition at high altitude and/or extreme temperatures; supplement use; weight loss/gain; disordered eating; food intolerances; or other topics as needs require. Our goal is to give you the power to make the best nutrition choices for yourself; however, personalized meal and snack plans can also be provided as needed (see below).
Approximate time: 60 minutes

Following your initial consultation, you will have unlimited email access to our performance dietitian for 30 days.

Follow up sessions will fine-tune recommendations; assess progress and goals; provide coaching on how to maintain goals and overcome barriers; and steps to further improve performance. Options for follow-up sessions will be discussed during initial consult.

Consultations can occur in-person (in the Charlotte, NC area), or via phone/Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts

Personalized meal and/or snack plans can be provided to those needing concrete, specific guidance to assist in their daily food selection for every day, training, and/or race day. We will provide a customized food plan specific to your calorie and macronutrient needs, including detailed information on food selections, portions sizes, compatible with your personal preferences, and timing guidelines.

Will you be away from home and unsure of the best food selections to make on the road? We can assess travel plans and identify restaurants en route and in close proximity to your destination to create a special travel menu with healthful food choices in order to make selection of meals easier.

*An initial consultation is required before purchasing a personalized meal plan. If you would like to purchase multiple days, please contact us for custom pricing.

We understand the importance of tailoring programs to meet individual needs. Some may require a one month program with multiple training meal plans and follow-up sessions while others may choose multiple months of coaching while gearing up for a competition.

Let us put together a customized program to best fit your goals and timeline. Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Do you have an upcoming health fair, clinic, team meeting, or other event? Let us educate your athletes on a multitude of nutrition-related topics including, but not limited to: fueling techniques on and off the field (court, pool, track, etc.), daily food selections, eating on the road, diet myths, and meal preparation/cooking. Our talks can be as interactive as you’d like them to be and can be tailored to your groups’ needs. Please contact us to discuss your next team talk, event, or to host a cooking demo.