The Race Analysis Package:


Get more in tune with your technique!

What’s included:

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    6-Race Videos Analyzed

    The six analyses will be completed over a 6-month time period. We will schedule the analyses around your meet schedule.

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    4x30 minute Coaching Consultation Sessions with Technique Coach, Abbie Fish!

    Discuss and review your race analyses in a 1:1 setting. In these sessions, you will gain a thorough understanding on your metrics, what you need to improve on, and a game plan on how to get there. Plus, you can ask any questions!

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    Downloadable Analysis Files

    After each race is analyzed, you will receive a link to download your .mov file.

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    Wistia Account Acess

    Don’t want to keep your downloaded videos on your computer? By buying this package, you have the option of storing your analyses online through Wistia. You can download, save, and compare your videos at anytime!

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    Save Money!

    By buying the bundle package, you will save money and get an additional coaching consultation session.

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    Have Questions?



If you have any further questions, see the attached rules and procedures on how to film. Also, be sure to check out our FAQ’s section too.

Video Analysis Rules & Procedures

1.) In order of priority, what are the best camera angles to film from?

Above Water Video Clips:
1.) Side View, Stationary Position
2.) Side View, Traveling
3.) Head On, Stationary Position

Underwater Video Clips:
1.) Side View, Stationary Position
2.) Head On, Stationary Position
3.) Side View, Traveling (only do this angle if you have or a friend has an extremely steady hand)

Make sure you watch the video under, “What angles should I film from?” for more information.

2.) If I shoot with my iPhone or tablet, does it matter if I shoot in landscape or protrait mode?

Please, shoot every video in landscape mode. Landscape mode helps compress the file into the software and makes it easier to see when reviewing.

3.) How many video clips will be analyzed in this package?

In total, you will get 6x above water video clips analyzed with data. The video clips will be your choice of either different strokes or different races of the same stroke. For example, one analysis you may send over a 50m free and a 100m free. The next analysis you may send over a 50m free and a 100m fly.

Make sure you are sending over above water video clips. They are required for the analysis.

4.) How is the Coaching Consultation sessions set up? Is there any communication between sessions?

After the Race Analysis Package is purchased, Abbie will meet with the client via FaceTime or Skype to set up a plan for their analyses. The plan will be in correlation to the swimmer’s meet schedule and goals. This plan may be subject to change based off of Abbie’s schedule, the client’s, or unforeseen circumstances.

5.) What’s the ideal timeframe with 3 analyses in 6-months?

Ideally, we’d perform 1 analysis every 2 months. It would make sense that the same race be analyzed every time, but the client has the choice to change races or what strokes are analyzed.

It would be great if the last analysis is of a tapered, rested swim.

6.) I have underwater footage. Can I send that over too?

Yes, underwater footage is not needed to perform the analysis–but will help Abbie get a better idea of your overall swimming technique.

We encourage you to include one underwater video clip with every above water race. That means per analysis (if you have an underwater camera)–you would send over two above water race clips, along with two underwater video clips.

Also, it is okay that the underwater footage is not of the specific race film. Underwater footage can be taken at practice or in the swimmers’ own time. Underwater footage does not need to be more than 30-seconds per clip.