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Free Online Event to Learn How to Train Effectively for Swimming at All Levels
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Here’s a Sneak Peek at What You’ll Discover When You Claim Your Free Ticket to the Swim Strength Summit TODAY…

We’ve brought together nine of the world’s most influential coaches and experts in performance to teach you everything you need to know about swim performance training.

They’ll show you what really matters in terms of dryland training, establishing a competitive mindset, and how you can catalyze your performance with proper programming. It can get really confusing when it comes to knowing what exercises to use or how to organize your training. Especially for swimming. You’ll gain incredible insight form the speakers that we’ve put together.

This exclusive online event is broken down into easy-to-follow sessions to help you or the athletes your coach improve their performance and succeed faster. If you’re an athlete or coach, you’ll gain insight on topics like these and more!

Training Keys

Get what you need out of dryland

Training Plans

Identify quality plans to improve performance in the water

Preventing Injuries

Keep your body injury free so you can train harder

Success Mindset

Find your competitive edge

Summit Begins Tuesday, May 9th

Featured Speakers

Vern Gametta

Rhys Gully

Devon Jones

Dr. Kevin Rindal

Jason Dierking

Dan Jackson

Karlyn Pipes

Kristian Manietta

Jay DeMayo

Will Eagles

Tyler Fenwick

Steph Saullo

Why You Should Attend This Online Summit:

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    Get the Facts on Swim Performance Training, Mindset Development, Injury Prevention and More!

    There’s so much information out there, but how do you know what to follow and what to discard? Let each of these experts answer your basic questions and help you develop a framework for understanding the many topics of swim performance training without confusion.

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    It's FREE!

    Although most conferences cost thousands of dollars, I’m gifting you a free ticket because I know how valuable this material is; however, you must claim your spot now because each presentation will stream free for a limited time before the summit ends.

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    Get Practical and Take Action!

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the informatoin that’s out there. What techniques should you implement? How often and how hard should you train? That’s why it’s so awesome to have these experts share their knowledge and insights with you! They’re the best out there. They bring a ton of value and will provide you with actionable steps to make improvements to help you see and feel a difference in your swimming..

What Makes This Event Different?

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    No Travel!

    You don’t even need to leave your house — attend from your computer. There’s no flight or hotel room to book, … saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family.

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    Watch at Your Convenience!

    The presentations will be available online so you can watch them at your own convenience during the summit. And if you want lifetime access to all the presentations just upgrade to the VIP Pass.

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    Once-in-a-Lifetime Speakers

    When I began to plan out this summit I made my “dream list” of the experts that I knew would be amazing to hear from (yes I selfishly wanted to hear from them too!) and guess what, each one of them said “YES!” Thanks to these generous speakers, you can look forward to an awesome event.

Get Access to Over a Dozen Expert Interviews on Everything You Need to Know About Swim Performance Training…No BS, just practical and proven advice from amazing experts.


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Most Common Questions

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    Is this summit a good fit for me?

    If you have questions about performance training so that you can perform at your best the answer is “YES!”

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    Where is this event located?

    The summit is completely online so it’s wherever you are! Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection.

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    How do I watch the summit?

    Register by entering your email and you’ll be alerted to all of the Swim Strength Summit presentations. Be sure that you check your “all mail” or junk/spam folders so you don’t miss any of the talks! Also add “connect@rittersp.com” to your contacts to ensure email delivery.

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    What does watching the summit cost?

    Absolutely nothing! Attending the Swim Strength Summit is completely FREE! Just register by entering your email.

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    I didn't receive my registration email.

    Register by entering your email again. If you get a message that you’ve already registered go back and check your “all mail” or junk/spam folders.

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    Experiencing technical difficulties?

    We will email you if for any reason we experience technical difficulties on our end. Unless you hear from us, if you are having problems watching the presentations they are on your end. Try clearing your history/cache as well as resetting/updating your browser.

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