Championship Swimming

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Below are links to the highlights of races that took place at the recent Swimming World Championships in China. With each video I’ll point your attention to something. Sometimes to emulate, sometimes what to avoid and sometimes just to watch in awe. The nice thing too is there’s actually intelligent commentary from the announcers. Enjoy.

Day 1 Highlights:
– 400 FR: wonderful underwater views of great catches from the men’s race
– 100 FLY: great shot of Vollmer’s great underwater catch

Day 2 Highlights:
– 100 FLY: fantastic technique and finished strong in the race for Vollomer
– 50 FLY: watch the passion that Cesar races with
– 200 IM: even when you lead going into the finish it comes down to how quick you can get your hand on the wall

Day 3 Highlights:
– 1500 FR: if you train it you can have a great tempo and kick even at the end of the mile
– 100 BR: can’t get enough of Soni’s stroke
– 200 FR: Lochte’s tempo and catch underwater is amazing, so solid and fast
– 100 BK: Couglin didn’t win but I’d take her stroke over anyone’s, she took all last year off of swimming
– 100 BK: the underwater view is great, look how quick they get to the catch and then pull through

Day 4 Highlights:
– 200 IM: great views of both BK and FR
– 800 FR: can you kick like that at the end of an 800 and have that low of breathing when you’re tired
– 200 FR: this highlight doesn’t do justice to Pellegrini’s patience
– 200 FLY: how many people get faster at the end this event

Day 5 Highlights:
– 200 FLY: to be successful in the 2-fly you always have to be moving forward in your stroke
– 50 BK: no better place to see how a your finish determines your success than in this event
– 200 IM: a great battle between swimming greats

Day 6 Highlights:
– 200 BR: watch how much Soni moves when in the streamline position, the real key to BR speed
– 200 BK: Lochte has a HUGE catch in his race
– 200 BR: the race is never over, always finish aggressively
– 800 FR: do what you can to be like Lochte in his kickouts and freestyle catch

Day 7 Highlights:
– 800 FR: see what toughness is during the last 50 of an 800, Adlington has a great catch as well
– 400 MR: get used to the name Missy Franklin – superstar – her best race was yet to come
– 200 BK: you can see how you really do need a breathing pattern while swimming backstroke

Day 8 Highlights:
– 50 BR: great view of 2-world class BR swimmers in Hardy and Soni
– 50 FR: check out the UW stroke views and the winner is almost 34-years old
– 400 IM: just domination by Lochte, almost Phelps-like when in top form
– 1500 FR: Yang is 2-sec off the WR pace and he catches up in the last 100 – it was a 10-yr old WR too