Burn Up Shoes, Not Books

In Training Philosophy by Chris Ritter0 Comments

When you get on a roll finding information it’s hard to stop sometimes. It just builds upon itself. This author references this article. After you finish that one you’re on to the next one. Knowledge is great but combine it with experience and you get something even better, wisdom.

And wisdom is what I’d want you to go after in your journey for better performance. This is especially true when it comes to testing or assessing. You could find literally hundreds of tests to put athletes through. But just because you read about a test doesn’t mean you should perform it.

Reading research, books and blogs is good to build your “skeleton of knowledge” if you will. But bones are no good without the muscles and connective tissue, and that’s what experience gives you. So read up what you can find but always go out and test it for yourself, in your “real world.”

Sometimes you’ll find something that’s great for what you need. And other times you’ll try something once and never again, because it just didn’t turn out how you were hoping.

You don’t want to simply take a carbon copy test from a textbook. If you really want to have a custom program, the one that’s best for you, then find a few good tests and assessments. From there implement them and don’t be afraid to add a twist that allows them to be better administered in your environment.

I’ve been around enough coaches and teams to experience what it’s like when there’s an overload of information but not nearly enough action on the information that they have. Don’t make that mistake. Inaction never leads to good results. Each time you come across some information, run it through your grid of assessing and testing, then see how it might fit you best.