Tune In or Tune Out

In Training Philosophy by Chris Ritter0 Comments

To listen to music while you train or not? That’s the question.

Do you crave the purity of the athletic pursuit or the pulsing of the latest hit in your ear?

Music is an incredible tool. I can’t imagine going on my 4:30am runs without it. Amazing how you can be dead tired and asleep one moment, but as soon as the The Killers start playing it’s game time. Not a lot of things have that kind of power and influence in your life.

When I compete I always have a playlist ready to tune into before my performance. A lot of up-tempo songs to help get my energy up and turn my focus on. I also make sure not to play those particular songs too often when I’m not competing. You want to save some songs to cue your body that it’s time to perform.

On the flip side – there are times when I purposefully leave the iPod at home. I want to go out and feel my body moving. I want to listen to my breathing and be aware of all the signals coming in and out during a training session.

There are some great insights you can pick up but you have to listen carefully. Most of the time when your body talks to you it whispers. If you’re just waiting for your body to raise the volume when it talks watch out! That’s when an injury usually happens and you’ll hear it loud and clear.

I think there are times and places for both in your training. Times to turn it up…..way up! And then times to leave it off altogether. Make sure you have a mix in your training program and learn to listen to your body as well as your music.