We need YOU! To be an athlete!

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This may be easier to say to some of you than others but: we’re all athletes.

We all have the natural ability that we were born with as well as the capacity to improve that ability through knowledge and training. Even if you can’t throw a ball to save your life or never learned how to ride a bike as a kid you still are an athlete to some degree. Chances are you just probably haven’t spent much time developing your ability.

I’ve trained people who had no P.E. or athletic experience as a kid but we made progress and developed their athleticism. Now not having those experiences when you’re young will put you at a disadvantage but it’s not an excuse for not being athletic. You just need to spend some more time at it.

If you’re already gifted in this area of athleticism think about how much higher you could go with systematic and expert programming! Don’t just settle for what comes natural to you. Whether you’re Jim Thorpe or Andrew Thorpe. Go out and make yourself better!

Humans have done incredible athletic feats throughout history and guess what?!? You’re human too! Which means you have the capacity for greatness, you just may need to work a little harder at it.

Now get busy training and watch what happens! RITTERSP PROGRAMS are a great way to get started if you need help.

Need a little extra motivation to believe you can do something that seems impossible to you now? Check out this video.