Which Tough Are You?

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I’ve had the great privilege of coaching a lot of athletes. The range in their ability has been as great as the number I’ve coached. From newbies to the international level.

All the athletes I’ve coached fall into one of two categories. You fall into one of these too!

As an athlete you’re either mentally tough or physically tough.

If you’re physically tough then you’re probably very resistant to injuries when you train. You can probably gain strength relatively easy compared to your peers. And you always seem to be just a little bit faster than everyone else. Your body can handle a lot of heavy training no matter what is thrown at you. You just never seem to break down.

Mentally tough athletes are characterized by always being able to push through pain. You seem to always have your motor running regardless of how intense the workout is. Don’t confuse this with physically tough. By being mentally tough you are actually able to override your physical responses to the workout and push through even when tired. If you’re mentally tough you probably don’t get bent out of shape when you have a bad practice or competition. You pick it up the next day and try and get better.

Between these two choices you have a stronger side. Don’t confuse this with saying that you have no ability in the other category. But every athlete tends to lean towards one side or the other, either mental or physical toughness.

When it gets tough in competition or training you go to your strength and sometimes you let your weakness win.

Reflect on who you are and how you train. You always have a weaker one that you need to improve. Identify it and then set out to improve it.