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The "secret" to being a great coach is having multiple tools and techniques for training and coaching. The Coaches Corner allows you to learn and improve your toolbox from other great coaches at every level.

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Every month in the Coaches Corner follow a new Featured Coach. You'll get an inside look at their swim workouts and overall training program for a full 4-weeks. There's something to learn from each one.

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There's much more in the Coaches Corner to help you. From previous online summits that RITTER has hosted to archived podcasts with legends in the sport and other webinars and bonuses all the time.

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With access to a full 4-weeks of training you'll quickly learn how other coaches implement and adjust, their training. No more piecing random singular workouts together from clinics and that you found online. Learn the "why" behind each program by experiencing the flow of their training.

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Featured Swimming Programs in the Coaches Corner

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Bob Bowman

Dr. Dave Salo

Gregg Parini

Dave Anderson

Todd DeSorbo

Bruce Marchionda

Doug Djang

Billy Doughty

Garrett McCaffrey

Charlie Cunningham

Jake Shellenberger

Abbie Fish

Brendon Bray

Dr. Josh White

Chris Webb

Coley Stickels

Whitney Hite

We have coaches from all over the swimming world that you’ll get to hear from in the Coaches Corner. The great thing about our sport is how open coaches are to sharing and that’s why we are able to capture such great conversations in the Coaches Corner and other bonus offerings from time to time. And the coolest part is when you “discover” a new swim coach that maybe you haven’t heard about before but realize they have some great ideas that you can use!

For swimming coaches it can often be frustrating or very time consuming to find out how to become a better swim coach. Yes - going to swimming coach clinics and talking with other coaches at swim meets is great, but you can’t do that every day.

We want our swimmers to practice well every day and you should take the same approach to your continuing education as a coach – learn every day!

With the Coaches Corner you can login practically every day of the week and find new material right on your computer, tablet or phone. The current featured coach in the Coaches Corner goes up each Monday of the week for four consecutive weeks. But there are also tons of past featured coaches and even more coaches to listen to in the Bonuses and Podcast Archives sections. No matter what resource you’re diving into, each conversation with one of the coaches will give you something to ponder or put into action that very day.

Many of the featured coaches in the Coaches Corner are actually members too and interact in the private Slack online message board. Whether it’s follow-up questions or continuing to share ideas that they’re trying or thinking about.

Just check out a sample of the topics that have been covered so far in the Coaches Corner.

Tapering for Club and College Swimmers  /  Long Axis Stroke Techniques

USRPT and Various Training Methods   /   Evaluating a Collegiate Season

Swimming Fast In-Season  /  Building a Positive and Encouraging Culture

Planning Dryland & Swimming Workouts  /  Collegiate Season Planning

Training Age-Group Swimmers in Long Course  /  USRPT Season Planning

Topics Discussed in the Coaches Corner

Listen to Archived Podcasts with Legend Swim Coaches

Ernie Maglischo

George Block

Dick Jochums

Dick Hannula

George Kennedy

Dick Shoulberg

Jim Richardson

**Only Available in the Coaches Corner**

There are a few swim coach certifications and organizations out there, mainly USA Swimming, ASCA and ISCA. The Coaches Corner is not trying to replace any of them by becoming a swimming coach certification online or something like that.

Instead we see (and have lived it as well!) that the best swim coaches out there are always trying to get better. They’re seeking out resources, wanting to interact with other coaches and learn “what’s new” and what they’ve been trying lately that’s working better than something they tried before.

We know that there are many swim coaches out there that have passed the basic tests for membership, insurance and the like, but there’s always still so much more to learn. And we want to provide you with access to coaches that you can learn from and provide the best and most convenient opportunities to continue your swim coaching education.

Whether it’s through providing opportunities to listen in live to the conversations in the Coaches Corner and podcasts so you can ask specific questions, or attend webinars and bonus events. As a member of the Coaches Corner you’ll get plenty of chances to interact with featured coaches, guests and other members.

We all know that lots of good ideas are passed around on the pool deck and around the bar afterwards but those aren’t opportunities that you can take advantage of every day. But in the Coaches Corner you can login whenever you want to continue your learning.

Even the best coaches in our sport change from season to season a little bit of what they’re doing with their program. No one stays the same and if they do for too long they usually get left behind.

Try out the Coaches Corner completely free for 7-days. There's no long-term commitment when you join. Just the opportunity to learn.

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So once you join how do you maximize your membership? Here’s some tips we’d suggest and what other Coaches Corner members have said as well.

Schedule time to login and listen every week. Making time every day might be a little tough so start off with a time that is blocked off on your calendar so you can dive into the Coaches Corner.

A new conversation with the featured coach is released at the start of each week for four consecutive weeks so try and stay up with the current coach.

As a member of the Coaches Corner you’ll be able to listen and attend the recordings of the feature coach and podcast guests live so you can ask specific questions. Take advantage of this great opportunity. The schedules vary on this but all the info is posted in the private Slack online message board so you can stay up to date and see when you can attend.

And speaking of the message boards be sure to interact in those throughout the week. Even if it’s just commenting on what you got out of a coach’s talk or a new idea you’re trying on your own. Some of the best value of your membership will be the interactions and connections you make with other coach members.

Lastly be sure to check out all the past featured coaches of the Coaches Corner along with your exclusive access to all past podcast episodes and any previous bonus events or webinars in the Coaches Corner. There’s plenty of resources that you can dive into no matter what topic or level you want to learn more about.

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Mark Worden

"A system for coaches to glean knowledge and information from veteran coaches is brilliant. It’s thought provoking to hear someone else’s explanation of why they are designing workouts a certain way. Seeing workouts for an extended period of time and then hearing an interview of the coach answering questions about the workout design gives the observer lots of ideas."

Rick Loeffelholz

"The 'Coaches Corner' is a great coaching resource. It'll improve our athletes and thus improve our sport. It's awesome to be able to gain knowledge of what other coaches are doing with their athletes both in the pool and during dryland sessions."

Donna Hodgert

"I have enjoyed using the Coaches Corner as an opportunity to review my past season training plan. It has helped me to evaluate what is working and what is not working in my program while I get great insight when comparing my yearly and weekly plans to coaches who have tremendous success. I will be incorporating many of the workouts both pool and dryland, as I map out my training for my next year."

Ryan Callan

"Chris - 

Coaches Corner.......absolutely fantastic!! 

Better than I thought it would be!"

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