SURGE Strength – Building Better Athletes to Generate Faster Swimmers through dryland training

In Dryland by Chris Ritter

Over the last few months, the RITTER Team has been incredibly busy working on and completing our newest project – SURGE Strength. I believe it’ll mark a new point in time when it comes to dryland training for swimming as we head into the future.

dryland training for swimmers

So why a new website? I’ll get to that in a second but first a little background.

If you’ve been following RITTER for a while you might recognize the name SURGE Strength. It was the title of the very first ebook I put out on the subject of dryland training for swimmers in 2012.

It was also the title of a multiple-day clinic we hosted a few years back.

When the COVID-19 lockdown started happening in the United States a few months back it was clear that many swimmers and coaches were going to be without water time, whether weeks or what turned into months for others.

I knew that those that had a solid foundation of dryland training knowledge would be much better off than those that had just cobbled together a dryland “program” up until that point in time.

We ended up hosting a free webinar series on dryland that went about 6-weeks. We had hundreds of coaches join in from all over the world!

It was kind of a “duh” moment for myself.

Up until that point, we had helped individual swimmers and teams from all over the world through our virtual dryland training programs, that we delivered via app. But the response to the webinars told me we needed to do even more, especially for those that weren’t in a position to pay for our online dryland programs.

So I envisioned an online “academy” that swimmers, coaches and even parents could enroll for FREE and learn the basics of dryland training for swimming.

Just like we had done over the webinar series.

But I didn’t want it to be like other projects we’d done in the past.

I wanted this to be the BEST thing we’d ever done, and we’ve done a lot over the last decade!

The more I thought about what we needed to create to help the swimming community it was clear we should “start from scratch” and build a completely new site to give the best experience possible.

So you can now head over to SURGE Strength and enroll in the SURGE Strength Academy for FREE and take our Dryland 101 courses.

dryland training for swimmers

But I didn’t want to stop there either. Yes, a new site would be great for a better learning experience and we could update our on-boarding process for our online dryland training programs for swim teams and swimmers.

I wanted to push the dryland training to a new level in the swimming world.

That led me to certification.

I had thought about it for a while now but resisted it on a few levels.

“What’s the point of ‘another’ certification?” – I had earned multiple ones around both strength & conditioning as well as swim coaching.

But the more I thought about it the timing just seemed to make sense.

Probably never in the modern history of our sport was there a time were swimmers worldwide just couldn’t swim. And coaches were only left with dryland training to help them improve.

And after doing this for closing in on 20-years, I know that dryland is the weakest skillset for most swim coaches.

I made the commitment that we’d create the first dryland training certification, specific to swimming. But that also wasn’t going to be enough.

Yes, we’d be the “first” but I wanted to “raise the standard of dryland training for swimming” in the process.

And that’s how we ended up with the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification.

dryland training for swimmers

The course ends up being a little less than 30-hours in total. So it’s definitely comprehensive but also manageable for any full-time coach to work through. It’s less than an hour of each day for a month. And after it, you’ll be able to have the “SSDC” credentials displayed proudly behind your name to let everyone know that dryland training is now a “strength” of your program.

With this new website, we’ve moved pretty much all of our current dryland training resources off of the site and migrated them over into the SURGE Strength Academy.

I hope you’ll check it out, whether it’s enrolling in a Dryland 101 course in the SURGE Strength Academy, or take the leap and enroll in the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification.

dryland training for swimmers