RitterSP is On Deck at the NIC Champs This Weekend!

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The National Invitational Championships hosted by the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America is going on this weekend at Cleveland State University and Chris, Skyler, and Abbie are on deck covering the meet.

Teams from around the country, including South Carolina, Navy, Army, FIU, George Washington, Rice, Denver, Grand Canyon, and more–are participating in the meet.

The NIC meet was created because of the growing number of students being denied the opportunity to participate in national-level championships. The statistics state since 2005, the number of D1 swimmers and divers (both genders) has increased by more than 10%. So even though the number of participants in D1 schools have grown, the number of post-season opportunities are the same—so the CSCAA created the NIC Championships to allow swimmers to participate in one more meet post their conference championship.

If any swimmer won their conference championship, they were automatically qualified for the NIC championships. Along with automatic qualifications, there is a set of time standards reflecting the NCAA’s new time standards.

To keep the meet fun, the 50’s of strokes are included in the events–along with the 1,000 Freestyle. There is even a live DJ during finals races to keep the audience engaged too.

To hear from the brains behind creating this meet, check out our interview with Coaches, Steve Schaffer and Phil Davis:

To watch our live stream of the meet and more post-race interviews, visit RITTER Sports Performance’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rittersp. Prelims start at 9:30AM and Finals at 6:00pm everyday. The meet concludes on March 16th.

To find more on the meet information, teams involved, time standards, and/or live results—go to: www.cscaa.org/nic

Finals, Day 3:

Prelims, Day 3:

Finals, Day 2:

Prelims, Day 2:

Finals, Day 1:

Prelims, Day 1:


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