1.)  Perform the Early Vertical Forearm–Theraband Drill on Land

A theraband can easily be used to mimic the motion needed to obtain an EVF. By doing this motion outside the pool, it will help train your brain to understand and feel the position, before adding in the additional resistance of the water.


Attach the theraband to a doorknob or something about at your hip height. Grab both ends of the theraband and hinge at your hips. Extend your arms out in front of you and drop your head down. From there alternate arms, starting from the fully extended arm position with the finger tips facing forward and ending at the 90-degree bent elbow position with the finger tips facing down.

If you struggle to achieve the 90-degree end position, your shoulder may be too tight and you should perform the sleeper stretch on a regular basis to help maintain a healthy range of motion. Without healthy shoulders, you will not be able to get into that high elbow position.

Recommendation: 3×30 on each arm, daily

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