Performance Training Q&A #1

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  • :05-Q&A Format
  • :39-“What are the best exercises to incorporate into a triathlon strength program?”-Kimberly K.R.
  • 7:30-“How to get energy- recovered quickly after strength training, especially the quadriceps?”-Ingrid C.
  • 11:45-“My neck hurts while doing pull-ups, deadlifts, and rows. What am I doing wrong?-James K.
  • 14:05-“How much strength and conditioning work should I do as part of my 70.3 triathlon training?”-Anthon R.
  • 14:15-“Should I strength train before swimming or triathlon specific work or after?”-Brittney H.
  • 19:00-“I have never been able to do a pull up! Help!”-Shannon M.
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