The Minimalist Approach

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Let's face it! Performance training has gotten "fancy." From wearables and other technological advances, to equipment developments, there are plenty of implements out there. Good ol' bodyweight training doesn't look as exciting. However, the minimalist approach of bodyweight training, using a band or two, and just getting after it is still effective. 

Training is available to everyone. You don't need fancy to be successful. I mean look at Rocky! 

Start With Your Warm-Up

As a kid, we didn't think we needed a warm-up. As an adult, we realize we can't live without it. Bodyweight movements are an effective way to prepare you for the day, the practice, or the competition. 

That's why we start every training session with a section called, "Function."

How well do you function? 

Ask yourself this question more often. Do you have proper range of motion for your life and sport? Do you have proper stability? Are you coordinated? You don't need fancy to accomplish this. You just need to move your bodyweight and move your bodyweight well. 

As a youth athlete, you should strive to master your bodyweight. As an adult, you should revisit the basics often. 

We have learned that just not getting injured is a 7x multiplier for performance success. A big piece of this is warming up properly and taking care of your body on a daily basis. 

I have a challenge for you. Implement this routine daily for the next two weeks. It will only take you 15-minutes to complete. I bet you'll exit the two weeks feeling better than your starting point. 

Complete three rounds of the following exercises. 

Scap Matrix x 2 each type

Iron Cross x 6 each side

Seated Wall Angels x 12

Hip Circuit x 6 each side 

Spiderman x 6 each side

Squat Matrix x 2 each 

Build A Rock Solid Foundation

Now that you're properly warmed up and ready to move, it is time to focus on building a rock solid foundation with bodyweight movement. Think of your foundation as your central command. For your body, quality movement stems from a stable core. 

Bodyweight movement provides a mountain of opportunity for building your foundation. Starting with the basics, like planks will set the pace. Then you can progress to more dynamic movements.

The biggest key is to really focus on your movement. If you hold a sloppy plank, you'll hold a sloppy body position elsewhere. Even though a plank is a basic movement, completing it incorrectly sets you up for a cracked foundation. 

After mastering a bodyweight plank, progress to some of these more challenging movements.

Build Your Base Strength

The next key is to build some base strength. You can do this without the help of fancy machinery. Strength helps sure up your joints, develop the proper movements and musculature needed to perform, and adds the next layer to your foundation. Bodyweight movement is a great too for you to develop strength. 

Your first step is to master the movements. After movement mastery, get creative and add in different tempos, pauses, holds, etc.. This will allow your adaptation trajectory to continue on a positive pathway. 

For example, once you can complete an inverted row, slow it down! Take a three second pause at the top and lower for three seconds during each rep. This change in tempo completely changes the feel of the movement and increases your time under tension. 

Ready to get stronger? Add some of these movements into your routine! 

Be Athletic!

As a kid, this is a no-brainer. As an adult, we seem to forget that being athletic is helpful. Whether you're a swimmer, triathlete, pickup hoops expert, or just trying to live a better life, athleticism is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Don't forget how powerful bodyweight movements of skipping, jumping, shuffling, and other basic movements are. From improving rate of force production to helping with coordination, athleticism helps all endeavors. 

The best part, these movements are FUN! Even if you struggle at first, don't give up on them! 

A minimalist approach is still an effective approach! If you're looking for a training plan that doesn't have all of the equipment of a globo gym, check out SURGE+:Minimal Equipment!

You'll get access to effective programming that only utilizes your bodyweight, a band, and a stability ball. You'll also get access to intermediate and advanced levels for when you're ready to progress to more external weight like dumbbells and barbells. 

Want more minimalist tips?

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