Traveling? Here’s a Strength Routine to do with MINIMAL Equipment!

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Things that come to my mind when the holiday season and New Year comes around

1.) Time off work

2.) Family gatherings

3.) Traveling

The average person gains roughly 7 pounds from October to January. Odds are though, if you’re reading this article you are probably fitness oriented like us here at RITTER and fight to keep your routine up despite a hectic holiday/NYE schedule. So if you don’t have access to the gym this holiday season and/or you’re traveling extensively this New Year–here’s a few ways to help ways to keep your strength up with minimal gym equipment!

Let’s get started…

You may feel like some who, when they miss the gym just once, they feel as guilty as if they had splurged on a glorious cheat meal and undone all of their progress. Shelly Chakraborty of Capital Physio breaks it down this way in her article: What happens to your body if you stop training?

She asks the question “Do we suffer psychological changes if we stop exercising?” Here is her answer -“Studies have shown there is an increase in stress and anxiety levels, mood swings and altered sleep pattern once we stop exercising. Cognitive thinking and memory function may also reduce depending on pre-existing conditions.”

With all of that said, and whether or not you go into some deep depression after missing one day of working out, how can we prevent the reverse effects of not having access to our favorite gym for an extended period? There are 6 key movements we recommend you focus on that can be hit in 30 minutes or less to maintain your fitness levels.

Check them out below:

1.) Quadruped: 

2.) Squat:

3.) Lunge:

4.) Push Up:

5.) Hinge: 

6.) Pull:

After getting a grasp of the correct form for these movements, we’ve out together a workout for you to try out. After a proper warm up – perform 5 rounds of each circuit. All exercises are to be performed sequentially with no break. 1 minute rest in between round.


  1. Body Weight Squat Holds x 20-30 seconds
  2. Body weight Squat Jump x 5-10
  3. Band Face Pulls x 20
  4. Alternating Renegade Row x 5 each arm


  1. Bent Over Reverse Fly x 20
  2. Skater Bounds x 10 each leg
  3. Drop Down Push Ups x 10
  4. Standing Wall Angels x 20
Enjoyed our holiday programming? Consider our custom strength and conditioning programs prescribed out for you and/or your team.  At RITTER, we offer 1:1 and Team Training Strength & Conditioning/Dryland programs for swimmers and clubs of all levels and sizes for, so that one or two days off won’t wreck your progress and or mindset.

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