Congratulations to everyone who raced over the past month! From members throwing down lightning fast times at USMS Nationals to members tearing up the triathlon scene, it was a fun month to keep track of member successes!

We are taking things up a notch further for May! Trago is sponsoring this month’s challenge and will be hooking up this month’s challenge winner with a free Trago hydration system! The top male and top female performer will win! Trago has created a smart water bottle that helps you know when you’ve had enough to drink or when you need more. It takes into account the weather, your activity levels, sleep levels, etc. to provide real time hydration data!

What is the challenge this month? Let’s see how many streamline shooters you can complete in 30 seconds! The challenge is open to all levels of RITTER Masters and is included in the Monday training sessions.

Why streamline shooters? This is a great way to practice solid body position at higher speeds. We often practice our swimming stroke slowly and then form breaks down when we go faster. This will help drive home that streamline positioning in the water. Remember, you must log your training session to be eligible for the Trago hydration system. Not sure what a streamline shooter is? Click the “tips” button next to the testing section of your RITTER Masters app. There will be a video demo available for you to watch.

Get after it! Let’s see who takes the top spot!

Congrats to the April challenge top performers (most push-ups in 20 seconds):

Martin Pokorny-32
Tommy Graham-30
Richard Hughey-21
Juan Ortiz 17
Erica Bergstrom-10 Bruce Williams-10
Congrats to our most active users in April!

Tommy Graham
Martin Pokorny
Bruce Williams
Erica Bergstrom
Richard Searle

This month we enter back into a build since USMS Nationals has wrapped up. If you competed in a big race recently, take a week and do only the function sections to start out May. Then hop back in as normal!

Remember, if you’re enjoying RITTER Masters, take advantage of our year option and save yourself some cash! A year subscription is $299. You basically get two months for FREE! Email me if you’d like to be switched over to the year billing.

Need to sign up or renew your RITTER Masters account? CLICK HERE.
As always, if you have any questions shoot me an email at

Stay Fast!


Hi RITTER Masters Team,

Programming: CLICK HERE

The February programming is now live and will be the first round of programming available on an app. We are very excited to offer you this awesome upgrade. Here’s the steps to access RITTER Masters via the app.

These instructions are also included on the RITTER Masters Dashboard.

1) Go to the app store on your mobile device and download TrainHeroic (one word).
2) Open TrainHeroic and you will be prompted for a code. The codes are for each level of RITTER Masters programming. Select one of the codes to enter. You’ll be able to add the other codes in your settings later.

Gold: RMGold17
Silver: RMSilver17
Bronze: RMBronze17

3) After entering one of the codes, you will be prompted to create a TrainHeroic login. This is for access to the app and to save your training data.
4) Review this tutorial to understand the TrainHeroic App.
5) Review this tutorial to understand the RITTER Masters program layout.

If you have any questions on issues, please email me at

Thank you!

Spring has sprung (well… hopefully)! It has been an exciting month for RITTER Masters members, as I have heard of more than a few best times already showing up!

March was all about concluding our triphasic cycle. We finished it off by focusing on the concentric phase of muscle contractions. For anyone competing in USMS Spring Nationals or any other April meets, you’re locked and loaded for a great performance!

Have a meet this month that you want to do well in?

-Two weeks out from the meet, switch to only doing the function sections of the workouts. This will help you stay mobile and recover before your race.

Feel like you’re missing something from your pre-race routine?

Check out my thoughts on swimming warm ups by visiting This is also located in your RITTER Masters bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, we hosted two information packed webinars this month! They are both viewable in the bonuses section of your RITTER Masters subscription.

-Core Training for the Struggling Swimmer

-Peaking for Your Next Big Meet

Congratulations our most active users in March!

Richard Hughey
Krista Gass
Martin Pokorny
Erica Bergstrom
Congratulations to our March challenge winners!

Kim Ohtonen (59)
Richard Hughey (52)
Tommy Graham (50)
Kendall Jacobson (36)
April Challenge

As we get ready to go fast in our April races, we are going to mix in a speed challenge. You have 20 seconds to do as many push ups as you can. The goal is chest contact with the floor each repetition. The scaled option is from the knee! Get after it!

Remember, always log your weights and reps completed in the app! This way you know exactly where you left off in the previous week and can continue to progress.

As always, if you have any questions about programming or want any specific topics covered, email me at!

Stay Fast!


Hi RITTER Masters Team!

It’s hard to believe we are already entering the 3rd month of 2017! Your RITTER Masters programming is now live for March 2017. This is a very full email but check out some big things coming up this month!

Congratulations to our most active users in February (based off workouts logged in TrainHeroic app).

  1. Martin Pokorny
  2. Erica Bergstrom
  3. Richard Searle

Challenge of the Month:
We have a new challenge this month for all levels of RITTER Masters. This month we will be doing a bodyweight squat challenge. Whenever your programming has a testing section, be sure to log your score and save your workout. This way you’ll be featured on our leaderboard! You’ll have one chance a week to better your score! Check out this tutorial on the standards we are looking for as part of the bodyweight squat challenge.

Training Notes:
If you have been following RITTER Masters for the past few months, you may have noticed we went from slow moves to completely holding positions. This simulated two phases of a muscle contraction, the eccentric and isometric. Now it is time to go fast! This month will focus heavily on the concentric phase of muscle action.

If you are gearing up for USMS Nationals in April or have a race coming up, this phase is going to get your mind communicating at a high level with your musculature. New to the program? This month will still have great benefit for you. Just take your time learning the movements and speed it up from there.

February was our first month with TrainHeroic as our app platform. What are your thoughts? Feel free to send me some feedback. I know the exercises attached right to the name of the movement has been a big hit.

For March, we have some new movements entering the program. The main one is the Supine Wall Press. Check out this tutorial that will take you more in-depth with the movement. It is a little bit tricky at first. I have also uploaded the tutorial in the Bonuses section of RITTER Masters.

Finally, if you want a paper version of this month’s programming, you can access that here. Just remember to log your training sessions in the app afterwards for your chance to win prizes and see how you do on our virtual leaderboard.

Stay Fast!

Hi RITTER Masters Team!

Welcome to 2017! We have some exciting things in store for the next year.

CLICK HERE to view this month’s programming.

This month is all about control! You’ll notice plenty of exercises that call for a slow lowering into a position, a hold, and the speed out of that position!

Focus on hitting the time listed for each phase. When you see the word “fast” this month, I want you going with the best speed you have while remaining in control.

Based off of user feedback, we changed the layout a little for RITTER Masters. Definitely check out the “Ask Questions/Get Answers” tab. This is where you can submit requests for content and get your questions answered.

The exercise library will be back on the website starting January 2nd! I will update the link on that day (

Lastly, we have partnered with Ikkos to provide a greater learning tool for users. Ikkos is an app available for your phone and uses virtual reality and other learning tactics to provide a unique way to learn new skills. Check out our channel on the app! We will have all of the exercises uploaded to the app over the next few months, plus bonus content.

When are you racing this year? Do you have a big meet or race that you’re focusing on? Shoot me an email at and let me know what is on tap for 2017.

Stay Fast!


Workouts: CLICK HERE

Hi Team!

Happy Holidays from RITTER Sports Performance. The RITTER Masters December programming is now live! CLICK HERE to check it out!

If you are finishing up a taper for an early December meet, complete only the function sections leading up to that meet. After completion of the meet, jump back in to the strength portions of the program.

In November, we hosted an awesome webinar on swimming technique and dryland training. As a RITTER Masters member, you get access to this webinar. I have uploaded it to the “Webinars” section of RITTER Masters. Part #2 will be happening next week, this part will also be uploaded to your RITTER Masters account.

The exercise library will be back on the website by the end of this month! We are working on a much more user friendly model (especially for mobile devices). Thank you for hanging in there with the YouTube channel for now!

Questions? Content you want covered? Post it to the FORUM or email me at

Remember, use #RITTERSP on social media for your chance to win some cool gear!

Stay Fast!


Hi Team!

The RITTER Masters November programming is now live! Click Here to check it out.

If you are looking to do well at a late November or early December meet, check out the “notes” section of each session. There will be instructions on how you can taper down resistance training over the course of the month. This isn’t a full taper similar to what we would do for USMS Nationals, but it is a good mid-season taper for a meet.

That being said, you can still carry on as normal if you are not looking to do a mini-taper.

We will also be starting “Friday’s with Bo” this month! On the dashboard, there’s a form you can fill out with any questions you have about programming, training, or anything performance related. I’ll answer these questions via webinar on Friday each week. Aim to get your questions in by Wednesday of each week.

Enjoy this month’s programming! As always, use the Forum as a way to post training videos, gain feedback on form, and ask questions. Also tag #RITTERSP on social media for your chance to win some cool gear!

Stay Fast!


Hi Team!

Happy Fall! The RITTER Masters October programming is now live! Click Here to check it out.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some cooler temperatures. You’ll notice some new movements and some jump work this month. Jumps are great for helping with swimming power and start performance.

If you need a little more detail on jump mechanics, check out a tutorial on jump mechanics by clicking here.

Gold: Focus on a stable landing when doing your jump downs. The goal should be to minimize shake in the landing knee as much as possible. Land with a soft bend in the knee and make minimal noise on the ground.

Silver: You have a flexed arm hang programmed this month. It is programmed for 10 seconds. If you can’t complete the hang for all 10 seconds, break each set into mini sets ex. 4,3,3 second holds).

Bronze: For your hip hinge with band this month, I want each rep made more challenging by taking a step away from the band. Start at a challenging resistance, complete one rep, take a small step out, complete next rep.

Also, I have begun breaking down each joint and some joint specific function exercises. These will be shorter tutorials posted in your bonuses section!

Have questions? Post your questions to the FORUM. Remember, use the #RITTERSP on social media for your chance to win some free gear!

Workouts: Click Here

Hi Team!

The RITTER Masters September 2016 programming is now live! It’s hard to believe that fall is right around the corner.

Take a look at September’s programming. We are mixing in some power development work this month. You will notice this occurring with some jumps. As we do this, place a heavy focus proving maximal effort during these movements. Maximal effort does not mean skimping on form. Form is always the top priority. Remember, you have the Exercise Library and workout tips (below the workout) to help you get the most out of your program. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Forum.

If jumps are out of the question for you, mix in a similar movement pattern, like a squat. Then try to do the movement as quickly as possible for the listed repetitions. This way you are still getting the speed component of the movement.

Enjoy this month’s programming! As always, use the Forum as a way to post training videos, gain feedback on form, and ask questions. Also tag #RITTERSP on social media for your chance to win some cool gear!

Stay fast!


Workouts: Click Here 

Hi Team!

The RITTER Masters August 2016 programming is now live! I hope everyone is having a great summer. To the RITTER Sports Performance athletes gearing up for summer nationals, good luck!

Take a look at August’s programming. We are going to start developing some baseline strength. As we do this, place a heavy focus on form. Take your time learning the movements and progress from there. Remember, you have the exercise library and workout tips to help you get the most out of your program. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the forum.

The tempo for a majority of the exercises will be slow this month. Keep everything controlled. The time under tension will help with the goal of increases in strength. Taking movements like a hip hinge or deadlift slowly will also challenge core stability which will pay big dividends in the water, on the bike, or on the run. Being able to hold an efficient position while competing in these disciplines will provide a competitive advantage.

Enjoy this month’s programming! As always, use the forum as a way to post training videos, gain feedback on form, and ask questions. Also tag #RITTERSP on social media for your chance to win some cool gear!

Stay fast!

Workouts: Click Here 

Hi Team!

The summer heat is upon us! I hope everyone is staying hydrated.

The RITTER Masters programming for July 2016 is live!

Take a look at July’s programming and you will notice some jumps are in the mix. This month, I want you to focus on the speed of the jump instead of the height. Meaning, I want you to get off the ground as fast as possible each time. This will help you prime the mind and body for going fast!

You will also notice that we are focusing on some single leg or lead leg work (ex. split squats). With all of these movements, I want you to focus on allowing minimal shake in your knee. Focus on being controlled and stable!

Enjoy this month’s programming! As always, use the forum as a way to post training videos, gain feedback on form, and ask questions. Also tag #RITTERSP on social media for your chance to win some cool gear!

Stay fast!