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It’s not even halfway through the first month of the year. You spent days, weeks, or perhaps you started preparing for the holidays right after Halloween! You have commenced holiday 2016 decoration clean-up and are trying to gear up for the new year ahead, but really you want to plop yourself down onto the couch and put your feet up for a few days. Your significant other, son/daughter, dog, etc., is asking, “What’s for dinner?” and you have no clue. The last slice of bread was consumed as toast with jam this morning before you headed to your training session and you have been boycotting the grocery store because, well, you just don’t feel like putting any thought into it. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you HelloFresh and a chance to win four FREE boxes of delicious ingredients and simple recipes, delivered right to your doorstep. So when you aren’t sure what you’ll eat for dinner you can say, “Yep, that’s done.”

Want to win four FREE boxes of HelloFresh? Enter TODAY!

I’m a planner but I get it, not everyone is. I look at what activities are taking place for the week ahead. I decide what meals and snacks will provide everyone in the household adequate nourishment. (I’m a dietitian and that’s my job, right?!) I make a list, check it twice, and off to the grocery store we go. Depending on the week I prepare meals ahead of time or we cook as we go. Sometimes, I even go as far as preparing meals to go in the freezer for a later date. Either way, it is a process; however, I’m here to tell you that being prepared does not have to be a process. As an athlete, having food on hand is important; however, you can be sufficiently equipped to fuel yourself without feeling overwhelmed about cooking and without hours and hours of preparation. Services, like HelloFresh, are a perfect complement to getting nourishing food on the table and into your mouth without thought and too much hassle.

In my (professional and personal) opinion, meal service/subscriptions are a wonderful way to help you ease into cooking and preparing meals at home, especially if it is not something you have done a lot of in the past. Not only does a service take the thought process out of deciding what to make, but it provides you with new ideas and combinations you may not have thought of before. The other benefits? There is no shopping involved (aside from keeping some pantry staples around like salt, pepper, cooking oil, butter, and sugar); ingredients are pre-measured and clearly divided by recipe; and the recipes are simple and not time intensive. Even if you decide something like this is not for you, you can still take advantage of straightforward, free recipes on HelloFresh’s website. I love perusing recipes online or simply flipping through images of what others put together on social media to get inspired to cook. Imagination and creativity are what make cooking fun, but sometimes you just need ideas.

Alright, onto my trial (my dog Ace was so helpful opening the box :P)…


HelloFresh graciously sent me a box of three meals to whip up and I was not disappointed. What surprise meals did I find waiting for me at my doorstep?

Honey Dijon-Glazed Salmon
This was good and I loved the way the salmon was encrusted. I honestly do not buy salmon that often (admittedly it isn’t my favorite) so it was a nice change of pace around here.


Drizzly Balsamic-Fig Chicken
I think out of the three meals, this one was my favorite. Sweet potatoes and arugula are always acceptable vegetables on my table and I really enjoyed the balsamic-fig glaze.

Roasted Red Peppers stuffed with Ras El Hanout-Spiced Pork
I am a big fan of stuffed peppers. My husband is not, but this recipe was different. The combination of spices was really nice and different than anything I usually make. Additionally, it usually takes me much longer to make stuffed peppers so I appreciated the slash in time commitment.


It all looks great, right? And each of the meals took 30 minutes or less to pull together. Just think, you can win meals just like these! So what exactly does winning get you?

First Prize: First place goes to a randomly selected person. If chosen, you will receive four boxes of pre-measured ingredients, enough to serve two people, and corresponding recipes delivered to your doorstep. One box will be delivered per week for four weeks.

Second Prize: Second place goes to the person who shares the HelloFresh giveaway opportunity the most. If this happens to be you, you will receive access to  Athlete Nutrition Rx FREE for 30 days as well as a VIP Pass to the Performance Nutrition Summit.

Third Prize: Third place goes to the person who comes in second place for sharing the giveaway opportunity. You will receive access to  Athlete Nutrition Rx FREE for 30 days.

The giveaway closes on January 17, 2017 at 11:59 pm ET, so enter TODAY! Simply click below, enter your email address on the giveaway page and those four free boxes of no-thought-involved meals could be yours. And remember to share to increase your chances of winning!

And for anyone interested in trying out HelloFresh for the first time, use code “FRESHFANSRD35″ to receive $35 off your first box.

Thank you HelloFresh for providing us with a free box to try and for providing us with four free boxes for this giveaway. You rock.



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