Let me introduce you to FASTER!

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As I sit here sipping on my morning coffee, I can’t stop replaying the pure awesomeness that went down at USMS Spring Nationals this weekend!
  • Did you compete this weekend?
  • How did you do?
  • Were you happy with your performances?
  • Did the meet leave you wishing you could’ve done a little better?

One of the highlights for me this weekend, was online athlete Jill Hernandez! Jill has been getting back into swimming form after dealing with some injuries and realizing she was losing strength. She has been training with RITTERSP for a few months now.

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Let me tell you, Jill is competitor! At 56-years old, Jill smashed times that some of us only dream of!

USMS Spring Nationals Results

  • 200 IM Seed Time: 2:22.56 FINALS Time: 2:15.70
  • 400 IM Seed Time: 5:10.34 FINALS Time: 4:49.56
  • 500 FR Seed Time: 5:30.15 FINALS Time: 5:20.68
  • 100 FL Seed Time: 1:05.89 FINALS Time: 1:02.80
  • 200 BK Seed Time: 2:25.32 FINALS Time: 2:12.87
  • 200 FR Seed Time: 2:02.67 FINALS Time: 1:59.90

Then 46-year old, Siphiwe Baleka stepped up and said, “You think that is impressive? Watch this!” Sips has his eyes on Budapest in August, but I think we should take a second to enjoy what he accomplished this weekend. Sips has been training with RITTERSP since the fall.

USMS Spring Nationals Results

  • 100 IM Seed Time: 55.04 FINALS Time: 53.16
  • 50 FR Seed Time 21.44 FINALS Time: 21.31
  • 100 FR Seed Time: 47.69 FINALS Time: 46.63
  • 100 BR Seed Time: 58.45 FINALS Time: 57.67

Not to be outdone, Richard Neville decided to show us that 60-year olds still have fun too! 

  • 50 FR Seed Time: 24.24 FINALS Time: 23.91

Age is just a number, folks! The right focus and training can be a catalyst that you never envisioned for your career. It was quite the record setting weekend! Here’s the final tally for the weekend:

Now the best part! Take this information and act!

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For the month of May, we are hosting a competition as part of RITTER Masters!

Trago, has supplied us with two of their hydration systems to give to the male and female winner of this month’s challenge! Sign up and get to work on claiming that top spot! This company exploded on to the scene and is changing the hydration game!

Want to compete in this challenge and score some free programming in the process?

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