The Climb To The Top

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When reviewing an athlete’s success, we often only see the tip of the iceberg. It is quite the experience watching an athlete achieve his or her ultimate goal. 

We see the moments of joy.

We see the moments of triumph.

We don’t see the moments of sacrifice.

We don’t see the moments of doubt.

We don’t see the moments of struggle. 

Siphiwe Baleka is quickly becoming a household name. He is a former truck driver turned fitness professional. He helps may drivers re-gain control of their health and take back control from the road. 

He’s also an author, motivational speaker, and masters athlete

Sips isn’t new to swimming. Competing at the NCAA DI level and almost making Olympic trials, Sips has been around the sport for years. However, at age 46, he’s absolutely changing the game. 

At age 46, Sips is in striking distance of his college times. He competed in the Arena Pro Indianapolis, won countless national championships, has risen to #2 in the world for masters swimmers, set multiple national records, is knocking on the door of world records, and more. 


People applaud his accomplishments, competitive spirit, and his efforts to help the trucking community. There’s a major untold story though. Siphiwe’s work ethic is tenacious.

Siphiwe understands the key ingredient to success. Consistency. This applies to training and to life. Siphiwe’s business and athletic accomplishments show how powerful being consistent is. 

Not only is his work ethic excellent, he seeks knowledge. He wants to know the process and know what he can add to the equation to improve. 

In less than a year, we have continued to see improvement and inch closer to the ultimate goal, Masters World Championships in Budapest. 

All times SCY:

  • 50 FR: 21.44
  • 100 FR: 47.69
  • 100 BR: 58.45
  • 100 IM: 56.52


Yes, you could quickly make excuses to why you can’t be like Siphiwe. Instead of doing that, let’s look at what you can take away from Sip’s journey and apply to your life. 

No matter how much life gets in the way, you can re-gain control!

When Siphiwe entered the world of long haul truck driving, his health quickly deteriorated. He gained weight, his metabolism slowed, and his day-to-day life suffered.

How many of you reading this right now are thinking, “Man, this sounds like my life?” 

He could’ve thrown in the towel and continued to let things go down the path before him. However, he assessed his situation and began making changes. If you only take one thing away from this blog, I hope that you can find one thing to improve upon in your daily life. Whether it is giving up soda or setting aside time for a daily walk with the dog, make a change and OWN IT! 

It doesn’t have to be a lot. It just has to be consistent.

Trust me, I get it! Life totally gets in the way, even when you have the perfect plan for the day and your training. One thing I strive to do is to have athletes understand the importance of doing a little bit daily.

At RITTERSP, we program a function section as the warm up/maintenance phase of our training. One thing athletes probably get tired of hearing me say is, “Remember, even doing just the function section can make a massive impact on your performance.”

Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture of training. Break it down into steps. When life gets in the way, do the bare necessities. This will still propel your performance. Siphiwe does dryland training two days a week with a third day focused on mobility and core stabilization. Tactical programming geared towards performance does not need to be a time consuming process. 

Now imagine what mastery of consistency of training could mean for the rest of your life! Consistency improves relationships, health, business, and more! You want the magic pill? Consistency is it! 


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Make your performance endeavors a lifestyle!

I owe Siphiwe for this lesson! Whenever he travels for a competition, he brings people he cares about along. For example, at USMS Nationals his family made the trip. He shared the competitive moments with family and friends. Then went and shared time at the beach with them.

Athletes often alienate themselves during training and competition. Siphiwe believes that for longevity sake, we need to bring people we care about along for the journey.

The next time you want to do a competition, make it a journey with someone you care about. Spend an extra day there exploring the surroundings. Open up your experience to others and continue the process for life!

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Want more? Listen to my talk with Siphiwe!

If you have made it this far, I urge you to not sit on your goals. GO AFTER THEM!


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