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Chad Dillon is currently the head coach from Boilermaker Aquatics. In 2008, his coaching career began with the opportunity to coach some of the youngest athletes on Boilermaker Aquatics. This small opportunity was perfect for him as he studied at Purdue University, and it blossomed into a great experience over 2.5 years. In addition to working with each age group and ability level on the swim club, Chad spent 3 years with the Purdue Men’s Swim Team as a manager of various support activities. With a growing enthusiasm for coaching swimming and young people, Chad moved back to Noblesville, Indiana to coach the club from which he graduated. For a year, he coached with every age group on the swim club, added high school coaching to his repertoire, and gained more experience while learning how to lead a team. Chad also swam competitively for 11 years of his young life. Those years began with a Summer League team in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and finished when he graduated high school in Noblesville. All the teams he spent time with provided the chance to learn from and work with thousands of teammates, competitors, and coaches. His enthusiasm continues to grow for teaching young people, and at the core of Chad’s focus is to teach the benefits of a team’s pursuit towards excellence while maintaining a balance of fun and performance.

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