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Sean Hutchison is an entrepreneur and former US Olympic Coach. He has owned and built businesses to be recognized as best in the world in their market, both in quality and innovation. During the same time, he coached and developed world record holders and world champions. As director of King Aquatic Club (KING), Sean translates the following goals to the KING staff in pursuit of an evolutionary goal to be the best team in the world. Along with serving as director of KING, Sean has been the CEO of Aquatic Management Group, Inc. (AMG) since its inception in March of 2003. AMG was created to ‘keep pools open’ in the Greater Seattle area and currently operates public facilities more effectively and cheaply for local municipalities. Both Kent Meridian Pool and Mount Rainier Pool are AMG run facilities. AMG also offers consulting services for pools and athletic facilities, which are either in distress, or looking to expand their current operations.
Sean also heads up IKKOS, which applies advances in neuroscience – neuroplasticity – to learning movement patterns. The patent-pending IKKOS System teaches technique faster and more effectively than traditional methods. IKKOS’ clients include some of the top athletes, clubs and Universities in the United States and, more recently, South America. IKKOS System translates across all sports and has been used with high level golfers, basketball players, swimmers, triathletes and exercise specialists (core/physical development).

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