Do you value both the “art” and “science” of coaching when it comes to strength & conditioning?

Do you value the assessment, programming and evaluation process for athletic performance?

Do you want to coach and impact people beyond traditional strength coach or personal trainer barriers of your physical location?

Do you have a passion for the sport of swimming and working with swimmers and coaches?

If you answered “YES” to all of these questions you may be a great candidate to become a Performance Coach with RITTER Sports Performance Team.

Learn more and apply for this online and part-time position with RITTER.


  • Coach assigned individual and team clients through our online training applications to become empowered while pursuing and exceeding their goals
  • Create specific strength training programs tailored to each clients’ goals, history and current situation
  • Host initial phone consultations with assigned clients to cover their assessment results as well as preview their training program
  • Respond in a timely manner to all client communication
    • Be available as needed for phone/video consultations with potential or current clients
    • Response times: Excellent = <3hr, good = <8hr, maximum allowable is within 24hrs
  • Update training programs as needed (weekly/monthly/quarterly) following RITTER Training Principles 


  • Commitment to fully engage and coach clients as assigned
  • Effectively communicate, train and assess clients in an online training situation
  • Desire to learn and grow in both the science and the art of coaching
  • Specific experience with the sport of swimming, including creating strength programs and effectively communicating with coaches and swimmers
  • Ability to commit at least 20-hours a MONTH to this position
  • Personal Training or Performance Coach certification along with professional liability insurance


  • Client’s expressed satisfaction with program/coaching
  • Client refers others to RITTER Programs
  • Client’s progress/achievement of stated goals and length of training tenure


  • Competitive hourly rate based on experience
    • Paid as 1099 contractor
    • A valid social security number is required for employment

*This is a remote, part-time position and does not require relocation.

Are you trying to improve as a swim coach?

Are you always trying to learn more?

If “yes” then you’ll be interested in a the Swim Coach Specific Internship with RITTER.

You’ll help us compile and organize all of the great content we have specifically for swim coaches.

The best part?

You’ll get FREE ACCESS to EVERYTHING we have for swim coaches in exchange for interning with RITTER.

If you’re able to help summarize and organize information apply below!

You must have a minimum of 10hrs/week that you can devote to this internship.

This is an unpaid internship but you will get free access to all the swim coaching resources that we currently have.

*This is a remote, part-time position and does not require relocation.

For the right candidate, we can offer an invaluable set of skills on how to build and grow an online business. Plus (if you are in college), this internship can be applied for class credit!

Right now, we are currently looking for 3x 3-6 month interns! If you’re interested or know someone interested, please click the button below to apply!

This is an unpaid internship position.

*This is a remote, part-time position and does not require relocation.