RITTER Sports Performance now official sponsor of South Carolina Swimming

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There’s some exciting news we have to share! RITTER Sports Performance is now the official sponsor of South Carolina Swimming.

It’s another step in RITTER’s mission to empower others and raise their level of performance. The South Carolina LSC is a very innovative LSC in that they’ve recently hired a Sports Performance Director, Chris Wolford, who is charged specifically with helping coaches across the state become better.

Chris Wolford and Chris Ritter connected at this most recent School of Thought Clinic and started conversations about how RITTER could help more coaches.

This sponsorship is the culmination of those talks and is just the beginning of RITTER helping more coaches be better and help their swimmers go faster.

If you’re a coach, swimmer or support check out all that RITTER offers and see how we might be able to help you get better!

Below is the official press release on the new sponsorship:


RITTER Sports Performance is excited to announce they are now the official sponsor of South Carolina Swimming, LSC.

“I originally started RITTER with the purpose of empowering others. At first, it was just athlete focused, but of late we have been shifting more to empowering coaches with the various resources that we’re producing and making easily accessible. I’m excited to partner with such a forward-thinking person like Chris Wolford and with an LSC that is putting a high priority on coaching education like South Carolina Swimming is,” said Chris Ritter, Founder of RITTER Sports Performance.

South Carolina Swimming’s Sports Performance Director, Chris Wolford was recently on the RITTER Podcast to discuss this announcement and more. One of his primary goals as Sports Performance Director for South Carolina Swimming is to help all the swim coaches in the LSC become better coaches and thus raise the level of performance across the state.

“Partnering with RITTER Sports Performance was a no-brainer when it came to getting the best, most current resources to help our coaches. In addition, RITTER is making it very easy to deliver their content to our coaches across the LSC in a very accessible format,” said Chris Wolford.

As part of the sponsorship, RITTER will specifically be providing continuing education to all swim coaches that are members of the South Carolina LSC on an on-going basis. Swim coaches that are current members of South Carolina Swimming will also have exclusive discounts on other RITTER resources and services.

Wolford summed it up with, “I’m excited to see how much of a positive impact this relationship with RITTER will have on our entire group of coaches, from the age-group to the senior level coaches. I expect all our coaches to be able to become much better over the coming years thanks to the resources provided by RITTER.”

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