Do Race Pace Training the Right Way

Finally….a COMPLETE, Step-by-Step System

Trying to improve your swim times and get faster isn't as easy or linear as you'd hope.

You may get stuck doing the same type of workouts over and over expecting a different result. (Wait isn't that the definition of insanity?)

Or maybe you have a pretty decent swim program to follow with variety in your workouts. 

How can you swim faster?

But you rarely go "race pace" on a regular basis. 

Can you really expect to get better race times if you never actually practice being your fastest?

Swimming more laps or even swimming more laps in a "hard" way that causes you to want to vomit or curl up in the fetal position doesn't automatically mean you'll race faster.

When you work really hard but see little results for your effort it can be mentally draining. I don't think there's a more frustrating part of swimming, whether you're a swimmer or a coach, as when you work hard but don't get faster.

Isn't swimming supposed to be one of the more "honest" sports? In that if you work hard you'll get rewarded with faster times?

Just because you train hard in the pool doesn't mean it always leads to getting faster.

Don't equate being really tired to getting better. It's just not that simplistic.

Do you want to finally have a breakthrough performance?

What if you have a specific plan to follow to go your fastest?

What if you actually trained how you needed to race?



The Complete System for Swimming Faster

You hear about "race pace training" all the time but do you really understand it so you can actually implement it for yourself or your team?

Now with the Race Pace Training 2.0 System you can have a complete understanding and apply it for amazing results.

Learn how to actually swim faster and slow down less.

Our "base" work isn't learning to go slow for a long period of time. Instead we protect the fast reps to allow you to push that speed to new levels. 

You have to consistently push your body to try and reach a new level of speed. Through both technique and power. Not by going sub-max speed for a longer and longer time. That's how we learn to swim faster.

What Will You Learn?

Race Pace Training 2.0 covers these primary phases:

Once we have established a "base" of speed you can work on the next step in the process, actually maintaining that speed. We test that speed by putting those reps together. 

If you don't get faster in Phase 1, there's no point in trying to maintain that speed longer. You need to get faster first and then it's trying to hang on to that new found speed. That's how we learn to slow down less.

Phase 1: Base Speed

Phase 2: Speed Endurance

Coaching Videos for each Workout & Training Phase

You Will Get:

For Coaches & Swimmers

Direct Access to Garrett for Coaching Help

Season of Race Pace Swim Workouts

Resource Center

Resource #1

Season of Race Pace Workouts

No more guessing about if this is the type of workouts you should be doing for "race pace."

Just follow the workouts and season plan that Garrett has laid out for you. His swimmers are already getting faster and seeing the results.

Now it's your turn to experience what swimming faster and slowing down less feels like on a daily basis.

Resource #2

Coaching Videos for each Workout and Phase

Never be unsure about your workout again. Have Garrett talk through each workout so you know how to attack it.

It's like having a personal coach review the workout for you if you're a swimmer. And if you're a coach you get to hear a little different view that you can adapt to your specific training situation.

Whether you're a swimmer or coach the video explanation of each workout is huge in helping you execute the program as effectively as possible.

Who is Garrett McCaffrey?

Garrett McCaffrey is in his 5th year with Phoenix Swim Club. For the 2nd year in a row he's been named to USA Swimming's National Team Coaching Staff. Since becoming the Head Coach in 2013, PSC has won 2 Arizona Senior State Championships (Spring 2014, Summer 2015). At the 2015 Summer Long Course Sectional Championships, PSC won the men's team championship and finished third as a combined team. PSC also finished 3rd at the 2015 Spring Short Course Sectional Championship. In 2014 the team achieved Bronze medal status in USA Swimming's Club Excellence Program.

Garrett has created a healthy, happy pool deck environment that caters to all types of swimmers. With his Senior I group, he approaches every season with a specific training progression, built on race pace. He creates workouts aimed at keeping the swimmers engaged in the daily challenge.

Garrett was a Division I swimmer at the University of Washington and University of Missouri and was 1st Team Academic All Big-12 in 2006. He swam for and coached under 2008 US Olympic coach Sean Hutchison at King Aquatic Club and worked with multiple Olympic gold medalists during his time there. As the producer of from 2007-2009 and SwimmingWorld.TV from 2009-2011, Garrett gained unprecedented access to many of the best swimmers and coaches in the world. He covered meets, including the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the 2009 World Championships in Rome. He is owner and co-founder of, the most popular swimming news site in the swimming community.

Learn the same methodology that is at the forefront of many amazing breakthroughs and performances

The question isn't will you get faster, but how much faster?

Many swimmers and coaches either get stuck with not doing very much race pace training at all because they don’t fully understand it or they do some type of race pace training program that isn’t very well planned out and either don’t get results or worse yet experience over-training instead of improvement.

The worst feeling in the world is working hard but not seeing results. You've heard how effective race pace training can be but until now there was no complete program that would guide you through the season.

You have two options really:

Option #1: Waste more years trying to do a piece meal program that is marginal at best

Option #2: Get Instant Access to Race Pace Training 2.0 and see the results for yourself or your swimmers…..

Learn to swim fast

Faster than you have before

Then slow down less

And watch the times get faster and faster

How much does it cost?

What's it going to be?

3 Monthly Payments of $179

Race Pace Training 2.0

2 Monthly Payments of $129

The Complete Race Pace Training 2.0 System

12 Weeks of Workouts including Coach Explanations

Digital Downloads for All Workouts


Try Race Pace Training 2.0 - risk free!

What happens if the course just doesn't work for you?

If you don't see significant improvement in your swim training simply email our support, show you did the work, and we'll send you a full refund.

Our goal is to make sure gain practical knowledge about how to best implement a race pace training swim program. If you give it an honest effort and you don’t feel you’ve gained more knowledge and improved your swim training, then we haven't done our job and don't deserve your money.

Note: If you are buying this system because you want a magical pill that will make you or your swimmers really fast without you doing any work, this is totally not for you. Proper swim training requires a lot of work. A lot of commitment. A lot of persistence. If you are lazy, don't buy the course. There’s a ton of workouts and resources that we’ve put together and you have to actually apply what we teach you and it may not be easy for you at first. If you do opt to refund the course, we require you to submit a few basic assignments to show you given it an honest effort. If that isn't something you're cool with, we understand. This system probably isn't a good fit for you. (Full Details)


Are you ready to finally get results from your swim training?

Race Pace Training 2.0

2 Monthly Payments of $129

The Complete Race Pace Training 2.0 System

12 Weeks of Workouts including Coach Explanations

Digital Downloads for All Workouts

Who is Race Pace Training 2.0 for?

Whether you're a swimmer, you coach swimmers this system will help you understand the unique training program that emphasizes race pace training to improve your swimming speed. 

What and how do I get the Race Pace Training 2.0?

This is from a full season (12-weeks) that Garrett coached his team through, including a taper at the end. All other parts of the system are either view-able, download-able or will be sent via email. There is nothing physical to be mailed with this system.

I don't have much experience with race pace training, is this still for me?

Yes! Garret does a great job of explaining each workout and phase so that even a beginner could follow along and perform the workouts correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to finally get results from your swim training?

Race Pace Training 2.0

2 Monthly Payments of $129

The Complete Race Pace Training 2.0 System

12 Weeks of Workouts including Coach Explanations

Digital Downloads for All Workouts