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The emotional connection is huge – Ryan Rosenbaum

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Ryan Rosenbaum is a founder in the swimming tech startup, Phlex, a masters swim coach, owner of the media outlet, Florida Swim Network, and an endurance athlete. Having experience as an age group swimmer, to being recruited by the University of Florida head swim coach, Gregg Troy, and competing as high as Olympic Trials and Open Water Nationals, Ryan has made his way through the ranks of the sport. Since his transition to the post competitive years, he has shifted his focus towards bettering the sport of swimming with his company, Phlex. He has developed the EDGE, a swimming fitness tracker, along with a successful swimming YouTube channel that creates weekly drill videos. While the company comes to fruition, Ryan uses his spare time to cover Florida swimming via his site floridaswimnetwork.com. He also coaches at his local pool, Fort Lauderdale Hall of Fame, with the successful SFTL masters swim team.

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