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School of Thought Clinic - 2018

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Highlights from the clinic:

- Assessing Power & Capacity in Swimmers

- Navigating Dual Meet Season for Championship Meet Success

- Posture and Movement Assessments for Swimmers

- The Use of Science to Optimize Training Efficiency

- Can We Create More Talent in All Swimmers?

- Unlock More Potential with Every Swimmer through Breathing Exercises

- Keynote Speaker -

Dr. Jan Olbrecht

Presentations include:

- Assessing Power & Capacity in Swimmers

- The Use of Science to Optimize Training Efficiency

- Training Design Seminar

Jan Olbrecht, PhD is recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in the application of lactate testing to training design. His book "The Science of Winning" has become one of the most influential books written on training theory for swimming. Since the publication of the book 20 years ago, Olbrecht's theories have been further validated on thousands of world class athletes who have won dozens of World Championship and Olympic medals.

- Featured Speakers -

Rachel Vickery

Breathing and Performance Physiotherapist - Brisbane, Australia

Rachel has worked with some of the most successful athletes in the world today, including NBA All stars, professional Rugby and football players, cyclists, gymnasts, and swimmers. A key part of her work involves understanding the relationship of breathing to neuro-physiology and how this affects an athlete’s mental, emotional, physical and physiological performance. Too often an athlete operates in high states of arousal or “Fright and Flight”, leading to suboptimal performance. Despite advances in sports science this is still the part of performance that is not addressed in coach education. Rachel will talk with us about strategies for helping the athletes we coach control their state through breathing in all environments, from their environment out of the water to the environment under the pressure of competition.

Fiona Mather

Physiotherapist - High Performance Sport New Zealand

Fiona is one of the most respected physiotherapists in the world. Through her position with HPSNZ, she currently works in support of numerous Olympic athletes across many sports. Fiona gained extensive experience with elite swimmers in the UK working with the National Team, including with Coach Chris Martin. Fiona has a highly developed outlook on the interplay of posture, movement, and the mechanisms for developing powerful and efficient movements in the water. I have asked her to talk with us about a little-discussed and relatively new concept in swimming anatomy, the function of the myofascial slings in storing and releasing energy. Throughout the weekend, Fiona will help coaches understand the structure of the myofascial slings and the relevance to teaching and correcting stroke mechanics. She’ll help us learn to “see” movement on land in the water from a unique and exciting perspective.

Ernest Maglischo

Author of “Swimming Even Faster”, 13 time National Championship Coach

Ernie has written what many coaches believe to be the most comprehensive textbooks on competitive swimming. The author of “Swimming Faster”, “Swimming Even Faster”, “Swimming Fastest”, and “A Primer for Swimming Coaches, Volumes I and II” will talk with us about several subjects that he’s been exploring, including “Biomolecular Adaptations to Training” and “The physiology of reverse periodization”. Ernie will also team up with Matt Barany and Erik Vendt to talk about “Heartrate Variablity as a Measurement for Prescribing Training Programs.”

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