Get Expert Stroke Technique Coaching with Abbie Fish!

Starter Package


  • Includes: Two Strokes–The strokes are your choice. Analysis is done via notation and with the human eye.
  • Feedback is given through an written explanation! 
  • Requirements: you must be able to supply video clips of your own swimming. Above water and below water video clips are welcomed, but only above water is required.
  • Advantages: Improve your stroke technique and efficiency, sustain a higher speed, and lower your injury risk.
  • Overall: Improve your swim performance

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Please watch the video below:

If you have any further questions, see the attached rules and procedures on how to film. Also, be sure to check out our FAQ’s section too.

Video Analysis Rules & Procedures

1.) In order of priority, what are the best camera angles to film from?

Above Water Video Clips:
1.) Side View, Stationary Position
2.) Side View, Traveling
3.) Head On, Stationary Position

Underwater Video Clips:
1.) Side View, Stationary Position
2.) Head On, Stationary Position
3.) Side View, Traveling (only do this angle if you have or a friend has an extremely steady hand)

2.) If I shoot with my iPhone or tablet, does it matter if I shoot in landscape or protrait mode?

Please, shoot every video in landscape mode. Landscape mode helps compress the file into the software and makes it easier to see when reviewing.

3.) How many video clips are needed for each package?

Two–above water, video clips. Any underwater footage is just supplementary and not required for either package. Although if you can supply underwater footage, it will give you a much more thorough analysis.

4.) How long should the video clips be?

Ideally, anywhere from :20 seconds to 3:00 minutes long.

5.) Does it matter if I don’t compete in swim meets?

No it does not. Anybody can benefit from getting their stroke analyzed. I encourage all non-competing masters swimmer or triathlete to get an analysis. Technique feedback helps reduce injury risk, increase your stroke efficiency, and helps you produce more power in the pool.

If you are a non-competing athlete, record your videos at practice. Make sure if you buy the advanced package that your video clips are of a defined swimming distance though.

6.) How is the Coaching Consultation from the advanced package set up?

The consult is set up between our Technique Coach, Abbie Fish, and the client. It is based off your schedules and when you are available. The consults are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on Abbie’s work load, there may be a delay between purchase and consultation.

7.) How long does it take to get the results from the analysis?

Anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Time depends on Abbie’s schedule. All analyses are done on a first come, first serve basis.

8.) I have underwater footage, but it’s not of a specific race distance. Does that matter?

That is perfect. The underwater footage does not need to be of a specific distance.

9.) Is there team pricing or bundle packages available?

For team pricing, email For our bundle package, please read below about our Race Analysis package.

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