What Kind of Technique Help Do You Need?


1.) Stroke Technique & Race Analysis:

Get your swimmer's strokes and races analyzed by Expert Technique Coach, Abbie Fish. All race analysis packages come with a 1:1 Skype Session with Coach Abbie--any questions on the metrics, race points, or key technique corrections can be asked during this session! Let's work together!

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2.) Join our Stroke Technique Community:

The WORLD's FIRST Swim Technique Community! Come join other technique-centered individuals and learn about all aspects of swimming stroke technique. Membership includes: monthly Video Analysis Webinars, Technique Article Series, Historical Race Analyses, and Technical Swim Workouts, more!

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3.) Technical Season Plans:

Learn how to progress through your seasons from a technique perspective!

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4.) FREE: 7 Ways to Improve Your Dolphin Kick!

Having a great dolphin kick affects EVERY SINGLE stroke. Check out how to improve your swimmer's dolphin kicks with this free lesson from Coach Abbie!

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