Stop waiting for tomorrow. Start training today! 

SURGE+ is the cost-efficient, results driven training program you have been looking for.

"After a month of doing your program, I feel tremendously better. I mean it really makes a difference, so I thank you very, very much!"

Where Results Driven Training Equals Powerful Outcomes

SURGE+ implements a balanced combination of total body movements designed to increase your strength and decrease your rate of injury while promoting structural balance.



SURGE+ is delivered to you via TrainHeroic, an elite mobile application, that delivers your programming, exercise demo videos, tracking and community right to your fingertips.


SURGE+ is the creation of Bo Hickey (Head Performance Coach at RITTER Sports Performance) who has ten years of experience coaching Olympic level athletes, world team qualifiers, active duty military, and people striving to positively impact their health and fitness! 

A Better Version Of Yourself 

"We all have goals and endeavors that we want to achieve, from swimming a new personal best to just moving around life a little bit easier. 

SURGE+ will guide you to increased awareness, strength, power, flexibility, stability, and resiliency!"

Bo Hickey- Head Performance Coach of RITTER Sports Performance

Susan Bricken- SURGE+ Member I Masters Swimmer I Personal Trainer

Surge Towards Your Goals

Whether you're chasing a new personal best or simply have the desire to improve your strength and fitness, SURGE+ will equip you with the program to accomplish your goals. Train when you're ready, where you are, and cancel at any time. 

Check out what the #RITTERSP family is achieving!