Average athletes to fast swimmers with Gregg Parini

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It can be the most challenging task you face as a coach. How do you take just an “average” athlete and somehow mold them into a really fast, elite level swimmer?

I can’t think of another coach that has done a great job of this for so long – Gregg Parini at Denison University.

The swimming and diving program at Denison is legendary for their consistent success at both the conference and NCAA level.

I was fortunate enough to have agree Gregg to be the featured coach this month in the Coaches Corner and wow, our first conversation greatly exceeded my expectations.

For the next four weeks Gregg is revisiting the month before this past season’s conference meet. They are just coming off a really intense winter training trip down in sunny Florida.

We catch up with the training just as they’re getting back on campus and refocusing to being able to go really fast in four weeks.

One of the more interesting parts of our first conversation was around how he is intentional in his program to help the swimmers become better athletes and therefore more elite swimmers.

Specifically we talk about how he has integrated more dryland into the program at both the beginning and end of swim practices and even some things you never would have guessed. Like zumba?!?….

You can’t argue with the results Gregg has produced, that’s for sure. So this is a great chance to see behind the curtain at what Gregg has his swimmers doing especially as they get into crunch time at the end of the season.

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