Your swimming technique is the limiting factor in your ability to go faster and improve your performance.


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Abbie has been in the competitive swimming realm for over 20 years. At the age of five, she started competing and soon after her passion for the sport of swimming ignited. From qualifying for the Olympic Trials to working at USA Swimming’s headquarters, Abbie has been on all sides of the sport. She is a University of Georgia “Double Dawg”–where she swam and graduated with M.S. and B.S. degrees.

Abbie now spends her time in the Florida Keys, where she coaches a local swim club and manages a pool. She continues to further her knowledge about stroke mechanics and analyzing swimming technique with an array of different software programs. She has worked with clients as young as 5 and up to 90 years old. Abbie believes anyone with the heart to train can benefit from technical advice!

See what others had to say about working with Abbie on their swimming technique.

“Working with Abbie as a swimmer and a co-worker was always a great experience. As an athlete, Abbie was a very driven trainer. She put in the hard work, but was also very interested in perfecting the technical details of her strokes. Her joy of the sport and high expectations led her to some outstanding results nationally and at the NCAA level.

She continues to bring this same work ethic and passion for the technical details to the pool deck as a coach. She has a great rapport with the swimmers and the ability to relate pays big dividends when trying to teach a young swimmer. With her personal swimming background combined with her appreciation and skills with video/technique analysis, she certainly will prove to be an asset in any swimmers corner.” Mike DeBoor, Lakeside Swim Team Head Coach

“Abbie is a terrific coach who integrates uncommon technical insight, keen video analysis and superb communication skills, all with a personal touch. She identified high-payoff priorities and a plan to help me achieve my Masters swimming goals.”John Hammerstrom

“As a person who began swimming for fitness for the first time in her 50’s, I needed to become competent in basic technique before I could build endurance. Abbie’s ability to teach the biomechanics of swimming through balancing patient, pragmatic explanation with positive encouragement made what could have been an intimidating experience quite enjoyable. As I became more efficient in the water my confidence improved – a win-win. Had my initial attempts at learning to swim been with someone less inspiring, I may not have continued.”Melani Nardone
I am glad to recommend Abbie without reservation. Abbie was not only an outstanding swimmer within our program, qualifying for NCAA’s in multiple events, but also leader in and out of the water.

Abbie has a love for swimming and a real passion for helping others in the sport. She has an even and cooperative disposition that makes it easy for her to relate information to others and for others to understand and appreciate her feedback. Abbie has had the opportunity to work in some incredible and very different places that has given her a complete and diverse aspect of swimming mechanics.Jerry Champer, Assistant Swim Coach at the University of Georgia

“I have had the good fortune to work with and observe Abbie in several capacities, including her position as a swim coach on the deck of our aquatic facility. I have been extremely impressed with her coaching abilities while coaching swimming from beginning age groupers to elite level swimmers to masters swimmers. Abbie has the rare quality of being able to relate to swimmers of all ages and abilities, making it easy to convey her understanding of technique and form to those swimmers.”Kirk Wagner
“The best way to describe Abbie, she is an academic scholar of the aquatic environment. Surrounding herself with mentors such as Gary Hall Sr., Jack Baurle, John Morse and Mike Deboor may have honed her skills as a coach, but I would have to say her capacity for becoming an elite technician, amongst the swimming community, truly blossomed as she worked her way through injuries. 

“Rarely do you find the empathy, compassion and knowledge that can only come from the struggle to overcome adversity. As an elite level Athletic Trainer, I have watched Abbie’s resiliency to overcome injuries. With a quest for knowledge regarding movement impairment syndromes, Abbie has broadened her depth of expertise as a swimming technician regarding human kinetics. This allows her to achieve a perspective and insight providing her with a competitive advantage in instruction and mentorship of athlete’s of all skill levels and stages of development.”Eric Buckman MS, ATC, PES

“Abbie Fish is an absolute gem, not only as a phenomenal technique coach in swimming, but also as an overall stellar person. I have known Abbie for years, and I can’t say enough great things about her. Abbie has worked with a number of my masters’ swimmers of varying abilities, and their improvement is rapid and apparent even after only one session. I have also observed Abbie working with swimmers, young and old, on the deck and in the pool, and she truly has a knack for explaining the intricacies of stroke technique to them. Abbie is able to depict these same details clearly in e-mails and alongside video footage; she is a talented writer who conveys complicated material in simple and understandable language to each student. The best part about Abbie, though, is that she has a lot of energy and passion for what she does, and she makes the entire learning process exciting and fun. Abbie is well-loved by all who work with her. I highly recommend Abbie to all who are interested in making big strides forward in their swimming ability.” Chris McPherson, Head Coach of Ensworth Master's Swim Club