28 Degrees and We’re Swimming!

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Last week, Strength Coach, Bo Hickey and Stroke Technique Coach, Abbie Fish traveled out to Coos Bay Oregon to work with Head Coach, Sandra Bullock and the Southwestern Oregon’s Swim Team.

This on-site clinic was Bo Hickey’s 3rd time working with the SWOCC swim team in-person, while it was Abbie’s first.

During the two day clinic, Bo walked through the team’s weight room and dryland workouts. Bo is SWOCC’s Swim Team registered Strength and Conditioning coach. All daily shoulder prehab, mobility, weight training, and dryland workouts are written remotely by Bo and delivered via an app to the swimmers.

Here’s a few snapshots of Bo working with the SWOCC swimmers on their Dryland routine:

Asides from coaching through lifts and performing mobility assessments on-site, Bo took the swimmers through an in-depth barbell tutorial on the different Olympic lifts they preform. From deadlifting to squatting to staggered-stance RDL’s—Bo was very happy with the progress the team has made in the weight room!

Here’s a few snapshots of Bo coaching the SWOCC swimmers through their Barbell workshop:

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On the pool side, Coach Abbie ran the team through 4 x 2-hour stroke technique sessions. Hitting every single stroke, starts, and turns—Abbie brought another set of eyes to the team and a different approach to the sport.

Here’s a few snapshots of Abbie coaching the SWOCC swimmers through better Freestyle habits:

With the combination of analytical testing, video analysis, and underwater instruction, Abbie saw multiple improvements within every swimmer’s strokes. We got a newer girl’s Freestyle kicking timing corrected, a few boys starts being initiated with more power, and a large majority of the team’s butterfly timing corrected. They were very happy with the last change to say the least 😉

Here’s a few snapshots of Abbie utilizing Tritonwear Technology and Video Analysis Feedback with the SWOCC swimmers:

Getting the coaches together and working with teams is something that we value and is one of our favorite things to do. As much as we enjoy being part of the journey with those swimmers, sometimes it’s the simple change in pace that gets those small changes to happen!

If you’re interested in hosting a clinic with one or more of our RITTER Sports Performance coaches, feel free to fill out our request form [HERE].

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With 2017 coming to a close, we’ve experienced a HUGE amount of growth this year! With that being said, we anticipate our travel schedule to be even more jammed packed next year! So if you think you may want a clinic with one of our coaches, be sure to fill out that request form ASAP. Here’s the link [AGAIN]–just in case!

Thanks again to Coach Bullock and the SWOCC Swim Team for having us out. We had a great time and cannot wait for the next visit 🙂

Happy Holidays,

-Abbie Fish

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