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The "secret" to being a great coach is having multiple tools and techniques in your toolbox. Get more of them in The Hive, where you'll learn the tools that some of the best coaches in the sport use for their results.

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Every coach has their own distinct style or approach to training, technique or even dryland. There is no definitive "right way" but you can learn from others and find what best applies to your situation.

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When you enroll in The Hive you'll get access to high level swim workouts, technique tips and dryland training. But not just the Science of Coaching is covered in The Hive, you'll get resources in the Art of Coaching too.

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With access to workouts, technique tips and dryland exercises you'll see the complete picture from other coaches and how you can implement it into your program. No more piece-mealing your program together or having filler for your drylands. Learn the "why" behind each program by experiencing the flow of their training.

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One of the best ways to grow as a coach is to have a mentor to help you along the way. Talking with coaches that have been there before or even have a different perspective can be invaluable.

When you join The Hive you'll have an opportunity to join the mentorship group, led by Paul Yetter, who has had success at the high school, club, college and international level.

Not only will you get all the resources from The Hive but you'll get connected with other swim coaches that can help you grow as a coach.

- Paul Yetter - 

Olympic Swim Coach

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Bob Bowman

Dr. Dave Salo

Jack Bauerle

Braden Holloway

Todd DeSorbo

Gregg Parini

Bobby Guntoro

Billy Doughty

Garrett McCaffrey

Charlie Cunningham

Jake Shellenberger

Paul Yetter

Bruce Marchionda

Dr. Josh White

Dave Anderson

Coley Stickels

Tyler Fenwick

Basics of Stroke Technique / How to Write Swim Workouts

Swimming Specific Dryland Exercises / Building a Team Culture

Tapering for Club and College Swimmers / Season Planning


Topics Covered in The Hive

Listen to Archived Podcasts with Legend Swim Coaches

Ernie Maglischo

George Block

Dick Jochums

Dick Hannula

George Kennedy

Dick Shoulberg

Jim Richardson

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Mark Worden

"A system for coaches to glean knowledge and information from veteran coaches is brilliant. It’s thought provoking to hear someone else’s explanation of why they are designing workouts a certain way. Seeing workouts for an extended period of time and then hearing an interview of the coach answering questions about the workout design gives the observer lots of ideas."

Rick Loeffelholz

"The Hive is a great coaching resource. It'll improve our athletes and thus improve our sport. It's awesome to be able to gain knowledge of what other coaches are doing with their athletes both in the pool and during dryland sessions."

Donna Hodgert

"I have enjoyed using The Hive as an opportunity to review my past season training plan. It has helped me to evaluate what is working and what is not working in my program while I get great insight when comparing my yearly and weekly plans to coaches who have tremendous success. I will be incorporating many of the workouts both pool and dryland, as I map out my training for my next year."

Ryan Callan

"Chris - 

The Hive.......absolutely fantastic!! 

Better than I thought it would be!"

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