How is that even REMOTELY possible?

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Two weeks ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to complete a site visit with Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon. This team was looking for some direction. After finishing 2nd at nationals last year, they wanted to take things to the next level and establish a sustainable program for years to come. 

Let me tell you, these athletes got after it! With fast times, SWOCC athletes often progress to higher levels (ex. D1 NCAA) after their time at the school. The school record board is quite impressive in only a few years of the swim team’s existence. Can you say 20. 50 FR?!

So what does it take to elevate an already growing program?  


Over the course of two days we completed individual assessments on the athletes. These tests focused on range of motion, strength, power, and race distance specific focuses. This initial data is now being used to make team based injury prevention strategies and decrease the potency of weaknesses. 

With every site visit, we focus on increasing the coach and athlete understanding of exercise selection, what proper body positioning is, and what we aim to do to help the athletes succeed. Our goal is that the athletes know why they are doing specific movements and how it will benefit them in their sports. 


Now that the site visit is complete, the team is off and running with their remote sports performance program. Yes, REMOTE! 

How is this possible? In the two days I was on-site at SWOCC, I noticed a few athletes who would be leading the team and helping with accountability. 

Furthermore, each training session is logged and saved in an app that allows me to see trends from afar.

  • Who is progressing properly?
  • What exercises are the athletes struggling with? 
  • Which days have greater adherence? 

From a distance I have the opportunity to be tactical with my communication, my message does not get as diluted as it often does when we are present all the time in person. Do you ever feel like you say the same thing over and over again? 

By studying team trends, I am able to make resources that directly reflect what the athletes are asking for or need. This makes potent resource, even miles away. 

I am excited to see the progression of the SWOCC athletes over the course of this year. It was an absolute highlight reel experience completing their site visit.They will be ready! 

Will you be ready?

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