A few details on how everything works:

You get unlimited consulting via Email

Many times we’ll respond to your questions via Video (sometimes text)

Any question you have regarding training, we’ll give you an answer.

The more specific your questions, the better.

To submit your questions you’ll use a dedicated portal inside of the course

We’ll respond to all questions in 72 hours (usually much sooner)

A few tips on asking good questions…

As a rule try to avoid asking for ‘Feedback’.

It’s tough to give general feedback that’s actionable for you.

Instead try to ask a very specific question.


For example:


I’ve written this workout but I’m not sure if it’s balanced enough with the pushing and pulling movements. What would you suggest I do?


A poor version of the same question would be…


I’ve written this strength workout. What do you think?


Another example:


I’ve gone through the assessment and it seems my shoulder mobility is by far the lowest score. I’ve decided to do Shoulder Mobility + TB and Lat Stretch. Is that enough or should I add some more?


A poor version of the same question would be…


Here’s my assessment results. What should I do for my function exercises?


A few more details:

This isn’t an opportunity for us to do your work for you, you’re just getting our thoughts and opinions before you execute.

Results will largely depend on your level of execution.

This is primarily an opportunity to get a second set of eyes on your program or assessment in a cost-effective way.